Mickey Taylor’s “Puppets Lament” Debuts on iTunes

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We learned a lot about the then freshly-minted NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor in his first GayPornBlog interview back in September. Most notably, that he is a multi-faceted, multi-talented man. Especially when it comes to music. “I did a demo for fun and it took off,” Mickey told us. “My manager said I’d be the first porn star to put out an album.” And that is just what he did.

When Mickey Taylor appeared in the premiere of Fame Game from NakedSword Originals in November, his first song, Pain, debuted at the same time. Now, another milestone. Pain is one of the 13 tracks on Mickey Taylor’s new album, Puppets Lament, now available on iTunes.

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Pain is a lot like Mickey. Visually powerful, musically haunting and infinitely sexy.

There are a lot of young gay porn stars out there who have ambitions to take over the world, but few who actually are getting around to doing it. ~Mickey Taylor

Mickey Taylor might just be the one to do it at that. How proud we are.

Let’s Get Musical and Physical
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