Serial Daddy Issues

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Over at Huffington Post’s Gay Voices Queer Voices (they changed the name of the section on Monday), I ran across a post from Carl Sander, the CEO of the dating app, Daddy Hunt:

A few months ago, the Daddyhunt team got the idea to put together a video series to show why the modern daddy is so in demand, and what gay dating looks like for men with a little salt in their beards. What started off as a nugget of an idea has grown to a series, Daddyhunt: The Serial. Can one story of two men in a New York apartment building undo years of negative stereotypes? Of course not. But can it charm us into realizing we matter? I hope so.

After watching it, I know so. You can watch all five episodes below in seven and one-half worthwhile minutes …

If their app is as well done as the video, it’s worth checking out too. But if you are in the mood to see what happens once that connection is made, you are at GayPornBlog, not YouTube. That means we would like to offer up some visuals …

From Icon Male: Inter-generational stories can border on the absurd and delve deeply into the creepy zone. This doesn’t. On the contrary. But when it comes to this scene, Brandon Welde and Adam Russo seemingly only had eyes for each other. Well, not just eyes. Brandon’s booty gets shellacked with the helluva load from Pops.

[Watch Adam Russo Blow His Load Over Sonny Boy Brandon Wilde’s Booty]

From TitanMen: Will Casey Williams show Caleb King’s hole any mercy? HA! Sometimes those who can both do and teach. It’s even better when student is particularly wanting of the knowledge. Just watch them fuck. This is one of those times.

{Watch Casey Williams Teach His Son’s Best Friend How to Fuck]

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