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Russian-born porn star, director and studio boss Michael Lucas has been getting a lot of attention lately. Besides this item from today’s “Adams Report” by J.C. Adams:

As for director-performer Michael Lucas, our conversation was wide-ranging. But he did reveal that he was leaving a few days later for the Middle East. Mr. Lucas has been invited to perform October 31st at Luna Club in Haifa, Israel and at TLV in Tel Aviv on November 7th. Luna Club is on the Web at www.luna.luvs.it/. TLV is Israel’s newest and largest supper-club.

In a statement, Mr. Lucas said, “I’m very proud and excited to go to [Israel]. I feel privileged to be invited, and I feel proud to be able to provide them with entertainment during this difficult time.”

About the country, Lucas says he’s never visited but has “always dreamed of going, especially since I come from a Jewish background; since I was raised in the U.S.S.R. it was difficult for men to be circumcised there, and my parents didn’t want to make my life more difficult in such an anti-Semitic country as Russia, so that’s why I’m not cut.”

I asked about security concerns. “I won’t be taking public transportation,” he told me. “I will take all the necessary precautions. But there are five or six million people there who are just living their daily lives. They want to forget their troubles and be entertained, just like in this country.”

Lucas Entertainment has HUNT & PLUNGE WITH CHAD HUNT now in release, in which Mr. Lucas interviews the mega-endowed Chad Hunt, whom he discovered, in-between scenes from Hunt’s various films for Lucas (two new scenes are also included). FIRE ISLAND CRUISING 5 and 6 are set for release in November and January, respectively, and feature newcomers Rob Ramos and Wilson Vasquez. Keep up with Michael Lucas on the Web at www.lucasentertainment.com.

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