Falcon’s Big Timber

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Last night I watched Big Timber from Falcon Studios. It’s a recent 2003 release starring one of my dreamboats, Josh Weston.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of movies and Banana Guide, and I thought I’d “seen it all”, particularly in story lines, but I’d never seen this topic covered before. Big Timber took a bit of a political bent in that it concerns a group of environmental activists that chain themselves to redwood trees to prevent the butch lumberjacks from chopping them down. The dialogue at the beginning was kinda clever with a bit of irony thrown in, but I was hoping for more political fireworks to wrap it up at the end.

Big Timber also stars Clay Maverick, Leo Bramm, Justin Dragon, Joe Foster, Jack Ryan, Trey Rexx, Brad Benton, Jerek, Paul Johnson, and Ross Stuart.

I really liked Big Timber, but given the choice between the Sierra Club Sissies and the butch lumberjacks, I’ll take the loggers, especially after seeing the 3-way with Clay Maverick, Jack Ryan and Justin Dragon in the back of a truck.

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