Mark Dalton, Matt Sizemore, Michael Lucas Updates

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Google loves it whenever I mention the name Mark Dalton. I get tons of new visitors to the site. I hadn’t heard much from Mark Dalton in a while, but he’s back and appearring on fitness magazine covers now. (I wish I could get some new info or pictures of Zeb Atlas. He’s another one of the most sought after key words on this site!)

From what I’ve heard, the Men’s Workout photo session was just a few weeks ago in January, so he’s definitely looking good these days!

And last spring Matt Sizemore was the topic of discussion after his backbacking bombshell at the Grabby’s, but he’s been quiet for while, too. (Read about it here, here, and here). However, I found this ad in Frontiers last week, and I’m pretty sure the picture is him. It’s hard to read but the ad says:

“Hollywood Forever, Cemetary and Library of Lives – gay owned – gay operated.”

“There is no death when you live in the hearts of those you leave behind.”

“In a world of uncertainty, protect your rights, your legacy, and your partner or loved one by planning ahead.”

His job title is listed as “Forever Care Counselor”. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about “behinds”, “protection”, and how his pro-barebacking stance relates to his new career.

And finally, Michael Lucas was the guest on the Tim and Roma Show, formerly the Daily Report, formerly the Weekly Report, formerly the Occasional Whenever We Can Get It Together To Shoot The Thing Report.

They put Michael Lucas in a limo to drive him around San Francisco while interviewing him, then whisked him off to do his strip appearance at a party for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.

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