GayVN 2004 Photos

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Jet Set’s “The Hole” directed by Wash West, won a bunch of awards at the GayVN Awards, including Best Video of 2003. The takeoff on mainstream Hollywood’s “The Ring” also won trophies for Best Director (Wash West), Editing (Andrew Rosen), Solo Performance (Tag Ericksson), and Overall Marketing Campaign. Here is a free video clip from the movie. (Choose your connection speed to play the Real Video clip.)

FREE VIDEO CLIP: 350K | 100K | 56K

Full length version of this movie available at NakedSword.

Here are some of my photos from the 2004 GayVN Awards. To see them all, visit

First row: Walter Winchell; Eddie Stone
Second row: Tag Adams with Chad Hunt; Rod Barry (a fan of this site!)
Third row: Jason Adonis, Wash West, Tag Ericson, Brett Drysdale
Four Row: Billy Brandt, Louella Parsons

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