“How Many More Loads Do You Think We Have?”

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Ian Levine caught my eye in “Put a Cock In It,” which debuted a couple of days ago on NakedSword. Ian is one of my favorites, he’s adorably cute with a hot little ass, which he loves getting fucked. He’s rifling through the kitchen cupboard for something to eat when Dustin Gold eases behind him nuzzling for a kiss. Ian’s belly is going to have to wait, Dustin has other things on his mind.

Dustin squats and gives Ian some token head, but it’s really the blond’s mouth that he’s after, so he hops up onto the counter and sits over the kitchen sink while Ian blows him. Even when Dustin holds him deep on his cock, Ian doesn’t choke, it’s one of the reasons I enjoy watching him, he’s a good cocksucker.

Ian lies face down across the sink and Dustin’s fucks him, then they stand and Ian hoists his foot up on the counter and gets screwed some more. Finally, Ian lies back on the counter – man, I hope someone cleans up those things down with a anti-bacteria wipe – and Dustin screws him until Ian busts his load all over his smooth belly.

Once I got my fill of Ian Levine, or Dustin did rather, I checked out the second scene. Brody Wilde arrives home after a night of boozing. He collapses on the bed and his boyfriend Armond Rizzo decides not to let him sleep. Brody is a sexy guy with chin scruff, a hairy bush, and as I discover, he shoots a very big load. Armond gets Brody’s dick hard with his mouth, then he rides that bone until Brody gets a second wind and takes over the fucking. He drills Armond’s cute little butt, and after the bottom squeezes out a meager load on his belly, Brody makes up for it showering Armond with a huge spray of jizz.

In the final scene, Chase Young and Kameron Cruz are supposed to be unpacking, they’re just moving in. Kameron is down on the floor and asks, “How many more loads do you think we have?” (You’ve got to love porn lines, but it is appropriate word play here.) Chase shoves his meaty dick in Kameron’s face and says, “Just one.” Kameron gulps Chase’s big dick and the boys begin christening their new apartment. Chase really enjoys eating Kameron’s ass and has him down on all fours on the living room floor. By the time Chase gets around to fucking it, Kameron’s butt cheeks are covered with red hand prints where Chase has been slapping and grabbing. After getting his ass fucked, Kameron lies back and Chase unloads all over his face. Holy shit! I thought Brody Wilde shot a big load. Chase covers Kameron’s lips and cheeks with his spunk, then moves in for a kiss.

You can watch all three scenes of “Put a Cock In It” at NakedSword.

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3 responses to “How Many More Loads Do You Think We Have?”

  1. Hector October 10th, 2014 at 5:51 AM

    Maybe I am just old now, but I don’t find that at all sexy or hot. We all have different tastes, of course, so that’s cool, but I just don’t see it myself.


  2. Seaguy October 13th, 2014 at 7:54 AM

    How could you not find Ian’s bubble butt hot? He’s such a cute shy boy. Gonna have to check this scene out just wish it was bareback.


  3. Billy December 10th, 2014 at 3:51 PM

    I think they’re cute.. I like doing it in the kitchen.. well actually I like doing it everywhere ;) #YuckboysLive


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