Colt Rivers Shows Us How To Be A Stunning Bottom

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The first thing you’ll notice about Falcon’s “Stunners” is Sean Zevran’s giant cock on the DVD box cover. But if I can divert your attention for a moment, jockstrap and sneaker fetishists are going to love this 5-scene movie because all the men are wearing Cell Block 13 or Nasty Pig jocks and a variety of sneakers. There’s nothing like a sexy jockstrap to frame a guy’s ass, is there?

And this leads to my second favorite thing about “Stunners”: Colt Rivers’ ass. I’ve been seeing a lot of Rivers lately, and hands down, he’s one of the hottest butt boys working in gay porn right now. A good porn bottom needs to have a great ass, not only a round butt that a top can bounce on, but a rear end that looks great on DVD covers, and Rivers sure has that.

But a sexy ass alone doesn’t make a great bottom — anyone can get fucked — and Rivers doesn’t ever just stand there and take it. He bends over the table and leans on his elbows while Andrew Stark slips inside. Stark has a great dick, not only big, but thick. Rivers’ whimpers and moans letting us know how good Stark’s cock is feeling.

Then Colt takes over, thrusting and twirling his ass back on Andrew’s hard-on. Stark’s wearing an incredulous look on his face as if he’s never been screwed like this before. Maybe he hasn’t. Rivers and Stark go back and forth like this a couple of times until Colt wants to sit on this beautiful cock. And these dueling fuckers continue giving us more of the same: Colt pounding his hole on Andrew’s dick, then Andrew wailing on Colt’s ass with fast and hard upward thrusts.

The Rivers-Stark duo from “Stunners” is one of those standby scenes, you know, when you’re hunting through your spank bank for the scene that’s guaranteed to make you pop your biggest load of the week.

But there are eight other sexy reasons to check out “Stunners.” Sean Zevran and Adam Ramzi flip flop in the first scene, Ramzi is always so good at giving head, even when faced with a really big one like Zevran’s. Billy Santoro bottoms for Paul Wagner, and I’m so glad to see Wagner filming again. In scene 4, Sean Zevran flip flops again, but with Josh Conner, who actually looks like Colt Rivers’ clean-shaven brother.

And finally, Nikko Russo pounds Mike De Marco’s furry butt. This is next on my list to check out, I love watching De Marco’s huge dick flopping around while he’s getting boned. You can watch all five scenes of “Stunners” at NakedSword.

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