Legendary Director Steven Scarborough Retires as Falcon Acquires Hot House

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Falcon/Raging Stallion announced today that Hot House Entertainment is being added to the growing portfolio of AEBN-owned gay porn brands that also includes NakedSword, Jocks, Mustang, Fetish Force, Fisting Central, Monster Bang, and so on. The acquisition isn’t a big surprise as we’ve been seeing consolidations of DVD studios over the last 5-10 years in reaction to the evolving market. The bittersweet part of this announcement is the disclosure that Hot House’s founder and pioneering gay porn director Steven Scarborough will be retiring.

It’s fitting that Hot House is merging with Falcon on a number of levels: Falcon/Raging chief Chris Ward started his career in the adult industry at Hot House. Conversely Steven Scarborough started his porn career at Falcon in 1987 where he was mentored by his then-lover Chuck Holmes. Steven and Chuck’s relationship something Mike deeply delves into in “Seed Money“, his doc about Chuck and the founding of Falcon Studios.

Steven Scarborough Retires

Steven directed a number of iconic gay porn films during his tenure at Falcon. His first movie was “Perfect Summer“, his first foray into the “Sex By The Pool” gay porn genre which he ultimately mastered in movies from the “Trunks” series. Others he directed ran the gamut from saccharine love stories (“Touch Me,”) to fetish titles (“The Abduction” series) that sent jaws dropping and tongues wagging as he merged high production values with darker and more extreme representations of gay sex.

Parker Perry in "Pack Attack 4'

Parker Perry in “Pack Attack 4′

After leaving Falcon in 1993, Steven founded Hot House, which put out some of the most beautiful, well-crafted gay porn films of the last 20 years. Films like “The Road to Temptation,” “Scruff,” “Verboten,” “The Missing,” “Trunks,” “Perfect Fit,” “Paging Dr. Finger,” “Resurrection,” and the list goes on. He introduced us to men like Alex Collack, Ethan Wolfe, Francesco D’Macho, Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Ross Hurston, Dick Wolf, and Ty LeBoeuf to name a few. Books could be written about his style and contributions to gay porn — it’s hard to encapsulate it in a mere blog entry — but I can say I’ve been lucky enough to have met this authentic, passionate man whose influence on the industry would simply be impossible to measure.

After the jump, watch an exclusive clip from “Seed Money” of Steven talking about the firestorm of controversy that he caused with his envelope-pushing film “The Abduction” as well as why — unlike many directors even today — he was always proud to use his real name throughout his career. I’ve also included a selection of some of my favorite Hot House clips.

Dick Wolf and Aiden Shaw in “Perfect Fit”

Kennedy Carter and Kyle King in “Sanctuary”:

Shane Rollins, Trevor Knight and Mike Roberts in “Justice”

Jason Ridge and Matt Cole in “At Your Service”

Francesco D’Macho and Ty LeBoeuf in “Jockstrap”

Ross Hurston and Tyler Saint in “Trunks 5”


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4 responses to Legendary Director Steven Scarborough Retires as Falcon Acquires Hot House

  1. James July 12th, 2014 at 7:52 AM

    Anyone who worked with Shane Rollins, Trevor Knight, and Kyle King is aces in my book!


  2. HansNL July 12th, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    Such a shame… My favorite Hot House scene is probably Jake Dakota going to the doctor in Paging Dr. Finger. At least the first one I thought of when I read the news.
    And Steven is a fucking hunk, there I ‘said’ it, woof ;-)


  3. LoveRimmingAss July 13th, 2014 at 6:16 PM

    I fail to understand why they won’t destroy the HH brand anymore than the Falcon/Jocks has been destroyed.


  4. RuggerSF July 13th, 2014 at 7:01 PM

    Ding dong… the wicked witch is dead!


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