Legal Defense Fund Established For RentBoy

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Defense Fund Established for For RentBoy

From Xbiz:

Lawrence Walters, an industry attorney who represents along with attorney Gill Sperlein, told XBIZ today that the fallout over the raid, arrests and seizure of the website has been unrelenting, particularly after an article on the topic was published in The New York Times.

Walters said that an even more important issue is raised by this prosecution — the threat to online innovation and freedom of expression.

“The actions of DHS have left the company and Mr. Hurant with no ability to fund a defense, or pay for basic living expenses,” Walters said. “The government has destroyed an entire online business that had operated in the open for 15-plus years with no warning.

Walters said a legal defense fund had been launched for Rentboy and its CEO, Jeff Hurant, at


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  1. Peter Johanson August 29th, 2015 at 9:45 PM

    Unlawful activity is unlawful activity….PERIOD. The radical homosexual community has come to believe that they have the power to force everyone, including law enforcement, through intimidation to live above the law, giving the rest of the gay community a bad name. Fund the legal defense all you want but their is no valid legal defense to per se illegal conduct. I have been blowing the whistle for years on this outfit and finally someone has listened.


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