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Matt Ott, Jericho Davidson, and Mike Albanese are getting better known these days for their YouTube channel, Comedians from The Other Stuff. The self-described “bros” describe themselevs as, “We do funny stuff with funny people.”

They have taken on boobs of both genders, fat shaming, creative aggression, and now, Kim Davis. The burly guys have a message to all guys of all sexual orientations everywhere:

“Dear Kim Davis, We want to let you know that no matter what you do, love will always win,” the guys said. “What we want you to do is you’re watching this video is grab your closest friend, give him a kiss, take a photo or video, and upload it using #KissesForKim, to let Kim know that she cannot win… and that we also love her and think she’s beautiful.”

A few striaght of guys who took it upon themselves to inject a conversation of tolerance among their peers. Our peer are already on board.

Thanks guys — there really is nothing like a Bro Job!

A few of my favs so far …

This is just what society needed. #kissesforkim

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Kisses for Kim! Remove her from her position. #kissesforkim

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And one from our side …

Have a great weekend!

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