“Who’s There?” “Thank Heaven For 7/11”

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condom delivery

It’s official guys. We can now get anything delivered, including condoms.

As Newser reports, 7-11 has entered into partnership with DoorDash (a eat24, GrubHub kind of delivery outfit). For a tidy twenty — plus the $2.99 delivery fee — you can have the “Date Night Pack” delivered right to your door. Including Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a Hersey’s chocolate bar, a can of Red Bull, an 18 pack of Trident gum, and 3 pack of Trojan Ultra-thins condoms, whether your date is big, or a big bust, they sure thought of everything didn’t they?

This pilot program is being rolled out first in five cities. New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are actually knocking on door already and they will joined soon by Boston and Washington DC.

This partnership between the world’s largest convenience store chain and a leading on-demand delivery start-up can redefine convenience. ~ LA Weekly

For those so inclined, playing safe just got easier. Even if that’s not how you roll, the fact that the phrase “Thank heaven for 7-11” can now be associated with fucking is going to really piss One Million Moms off. Expect their protest announcement soon!

Speaking of 7/11 ….



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