Now Hear This: No Ass Play For Kanye

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Kanye West is many things. But he is not all about that ass. Well, his ass anyway. And he took to twitter to make sure everyone knows:

As US Weekly is reporting, “West’s hilariously frank outpouring of personal information comes after his former flame Amber Rose sent her ex a racy response to his first social media run-in with her new husband Wiz Khalifa, in which he brought up her “stripper” past.”

Let’s take another look at that “racy response:”

Kanye’s rant about Amber Roses’s stripper past has also earned the public condemnation of porn starlet Lisa Ann. BET shares her claims to have a past with Kayne. And she’s threatening to release visuals:

Even though I know Kanye wouldn’t publicly share my adulation for say, Gabriel Cross’s ass, when it comes to his own heiny, the lady doth protest too much, me thinks. Sure, he doesn’t like his ass played with. Just like he doesn’t have any sex tapes:

And that boys, is a rap.

kayne west ass play


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