Randy and Sean’s Big Dick Raw Flip

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Short of barebacking, there is little more divisive in gay porn than the subject of Gay-for-Pay. Society would have us believe that as gay men, we are one step down on the ladder from being truly all man. So when we see “real men” taking a dick, it elevates the self-perception of those with any residual hang-ups about their standing in the male hierarchy. If that’s you, prepare to feel a lot better as you watch Randy and Sean fuck the cum out of each other in the latest flip at Sean Cody.

straight guys getting fucked
Randy goes first. I like Randy. I love to see him fuck. I wish he was the one tapped to tap Brandon’s ass. Seeing him getting fucked is not a common sight. As our brother publication, The Sword, pointed out, the travesty is when Randy bottom’s for his fellow bro’s, they make him shave his gloriously furry ass to not scare the poor breeders away.

straight guys getting fucked
The best thing about pairing Randy with Sean, is that Sean gets knocked down a peg or two. Yes, Sean’s dick is bigger. But side by side, Sean’s frame looks decidedly boyish next to Randy’s mass. And after his ill-fated comparison of gay sex to fucking a watermelon, seeing Randy nail his ass like Randy is the one fucking a watermelon is just desserts.

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Sean Cody Adds:

We all know that both Sean and Randy have huge dicks, but we wanted to see what would happen if they were put together for a film. The result was not disappointing. Randy was up first for taking the dick and right off the bat you could see how overwhelmed he was. “Holy fuck.

straight guys getting fucked

“Randy & Sean: Bareback”

That’s one of the most intense things ever!” Needless to say, Randy was fuck drunk. “I’m really impressed you were able to take the whole thing.” Sean chimed in. “A lot of people can’t.” Sean pounded him out for a while until it was Randy’s turn to repay the favor. “At first it was a little rough, until it was time to cum and it was fucking amazing…. I would do it again!” Sean smiled.
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Special Programming Note to Sean Cody Fans:
straight guys getting fucked
For the first time since March 2014, Jess and his big dick are back to top a very lucky Porter. Can’t wait to unpack that one.

Stroke ‘Em ‘Cause We Got Em
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