Meet Our HustlaBall Las Vegas Contest Winners!

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“I never bother with contests. No one ever really wins those things anyway.” is forever more a paradigm that should be permanently retired along with “suitable Republican presidential candidate.” They are both false!

hustlaball vegas 2016Back in November, I was excited to bring you the news that NakedSword would be sending one lucky winner and their guest to this years’ HustlaBall Las Vegas with an XXTreme VIP package. All it took was a click to enter. Fernando took a chance, hit the link, and hit the jackpot.

Actually, I think we all hit the jack pot! Fernando won the prize and his travel companion is not just some guest, it’s his husband, Ed. Another phrase that can be retired is “nice guys finish last.” Fernando and Ed could not be more perfect for this prize if we had hand-picked them ourselves. Lady luck is actually not a complete stranger to our winners. Fernando shared with me that they actually met sixteen years ago right in Sin City!

hustlaball vegas 2016“I entered and forgot all about it. We’re so excited and lucky to be part of this party and we are so looking forward to it!!!”

Fernando and Ed love to explore the world and spread their vacation time between family, friends and special, exotic getaways with just the two of them. “We love to travel and have an opportunity to visit new places on our planet!”

Though no strangers to Las Vegas, this will be their first time to attend the HustlaBall. We will be following along as they prepare for their trip and experience the party of a lifetime through their excited, deserving eyes!

hustlaball vegas 2016The HustlaBall Las Vegas will take place over MLK weekend, January 15 to 16, 2016. The den of iniquity this year is the Artisan Hotel and Nightclub where else, but on the strip. In addition to their Weekend VIP Pass, Fernando and Ed’s prize package also includes round trip airfare and two nights of hotel accommodations. This could not have gone to nicer guys.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be introducing you all to some of the forty — yes that is a four and an “OH” — forty porn stars already lined up for the event, including NakedSword Exclusives Mickey Taylor and Bray Love in addition to the likes of Ryan Rose, Austin Wilde, Kyle Kash, Brian Bonds, and I’m just getting started. Condiser that a preview of coming attractions and meet me back here tomorrow.

Congratulations again to the winners of the Hustlaball Las Vegas 2016 – XXXTREME VIP Package Contest, Fernando and Ed!

hustlaball vegas 2016

Let’s get this party started shall we?!!

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