Most Watched NakedSword Moves of 2015

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From the debut of NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor in Hooker Stories 3 to his full star turn with fellow exclusive Bray Love in Fame Game, 2015 was quite a year for NakedSword Originals. We saw the return to the small screen of Topher Dimaggio. We were dazzled by the sexual prowess of Falcon Studio Group Exclusives Sebastian Kross and Boomer Banks. We were enthralled by appearances of the incredibly sexy Kyle Kash and Adam Ramzi seemed to get more handsome and more primal every time.

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In their entirety, NakedSword Originals are like my flock of children; each is special in their own way. But with the year coming to a close, the clicks speak for themselves. Or rather, they speak for you. Starting with number nine and working our way up over the next few days, we’ll be counting the most jacked to watched NakedSword movies of 2015. A few literal blasts from our past made the cut again this year: when it’s done right, good porn stands the test of time. Great porn, even longer.

#7 – Summer of Sweat
As fall fell on 2015, NakedSword took us back to sun-swept beaches and sun-kissed bodies in Summer of Sweat. Mickey Taylor blasted Dakota Wolfe’s chin with jizz in the first scene. Leo Sweetwood gave Bray Loves his second biggest facial of the year in the finale. Lucas Knight shared his big nightstick with Bray and damn, Jason Maddox turned Kyle Kash into his personal fuck toy too. If you are not sweating yet … you will be …

[Get All Hot and Bothered Again with “Summer of Sweat”]

#8 – Hooker Stories 3
NakedSword Original’s Hooker Stories 2 begged the question “What’s your hooker story?” Hooker Stories 3 pivots the focus to the escorts themselves: what really puts the fuel in their furnace … who do they want to fuck when the object isn’t money, but their own desires? From Mickey Taylor and Bray Love in the opener to the double penetration with Sebastian Kross in the finale, every cum-filled encounter was hotter than next. Colt Rivers, Max Cameron, and Adam Ramzi had their own stories to tell and mr Pam brought them all to life.

[Hooker Stories 3: Find Out What Makes Rent Boys Give It Away … Willingly]

#9 – Into The Wilde: Episode 4
In this last episode of Into the Wilde, Christian Wilde says to Lance Luciano “I don’t want to know you. I just want to fuck you.” Who wouldn’t want to fuck Lance Luciano? Who wouldn’t want to get fucked by Christian Wilde? After one very intense, passionate, sweaty anal assault, they both got to know each other in the most intimate way possible. But was it too late?

[Watch Christian Wilde’s Primal Domination of Lance Luciano’s Deepest Desires in ‘Into The Wilde’]

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