Gay Porn Star Parties: Chi Chi’s Dirty Deeds

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gay_porn_dirty_deeds.jpgChi Chi La Rue may just be the hardest working wo/man in (peep)show business. In addition to directing for Rascal, Channel 1 Releasing, Electro, and Unzipped Video, she writes a blog, puts in personal appearances just about anywhere that’ll take her, and has just finished an acquisition of All Worlds Video (for which she’ll also be directing). Oh, and DJs in her “spare” time. WHERE DOES SHE EVER FIND THE ENERGY?

Don’t answer that. Instead, focus on the fact that Gay Porn’s own Martha Stewart is now running what may very well be the hottest gay night in LA, Dirty Deeds at FUBAR. The sort of night you might find in pre-Giuliani, pre-Bloomberg New York: messed up glamour with cocks out and legs akimbo.

In addition to the big-name porn stars headlining, plenty of ’em just show up to witness the debauch. Oh, and rock stars, too, curiously enough (what the fuck was Nina Hagen doing there last week?). Roman Heart‘s appearing tomorrow night, but Brian Hansen, Fredrick Ford, Eddie Stone, Eddie Diaz and Chi Chi’s own NeoPet, Johnny Hazzard, have all headlined. I’m hoping to head down next week for another dose of dick, but in the meantime I thought I’d get you some advance flesh …gay_porn_dirty_deeds_2.jpg
Blast from the Past: Hans Ebson shows off his new ink, (left), canoodles with Trevor Knight (right)

Nick Piston rocks Dirty Deeds, (left), Chi Chi plays leg guitar with alt-rock legend Nina Hagen, (right)

A-list alliteratives Ben Bradley, (left), and Fred Ford, (right)

Rascal contract boys Johnny Hazzard and Jan Fischer

BUCKSHOT Man Brian Hansen gets his salad tossed by Eddie Diaz

Chi Chi LaRue’s Dirty Deeds

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Chi Chi Rocks Trannyshack


4 responses to Gay Porn Star Parties: Chi Chi’s Dirty Deeds

  1. Chi Chi Larue September 20th, 2006 at 11:04 AM

    I guess the energy remark has something to do with artificial means.
    that remark is about as old as “Take my Wife …Please”
    Thanks fro the write up Gays… I mean Guys.


  2. Mike September 20th, 2006 at 3:50 PM

    Oh, LaRue. Take my life … please!

    Everyone knows that there’s no artificial anything that could account for your mammoth filmography, endless dedication or general joie de vive! If there were, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet would have cornered the market years ago.

    Twas just joshing you — you may smack me upside the head next time I see you.



  3. Chuck September 21st, 2006 at 10:45 PM

    Bravo to Chi Chi for being a fuckin’ genius! I swear, she has to be the richest bitch in the entire industry. Oh, and P.S. its ‘joie de vivre’ hehe. Just thought I’d correct you…


  4. David Smart III February 2nd, 2010 at 8:20 AM

    Dear My Chi Chi. I am a young microsofty here in the wizard’s verry on Emerald City of Bellevue, WA. I have reason to commend you on the genious in the art of business and cinema you worked to create, how bad did it get with the small minded ones who deney the fact that God could not create a body of his own immage in less that devine attraction to the eye.

    I bet it must be a great thrill and a great honor indeed to take off the drag sometimes and strole down the streets of paridise, Why dont you invest in Bellevue Real estate. There’s a ressission penthouse newly constuucted that would put the Mike’s $30 mill Willsire House Pent to Shame.
    You would be welcomed here in drag or suite. Dont let them foll you Chi Chi you one of the worlds greatest film Directors, and there would be no internet Porn W/O the king / Queen . You need a tv show better than that trump shit. donnald trump, I don’t even capitallize his spent sold name he said the best way to get rich was to sue some one and rob them in R/E dealls. My dad just died and my siis is a Christian who will goto hell if I dont let her take all and blow it befor I can help heal the world with art. That’s the nAME OF MY corporatio, “THE HEALING ART”S” I almost worked as hard as you did for a Degas Im selling for more that money I could bless the world with so much and I tell them You dont’ have to hate me more than I live you, If they would only gey it we could herer that kind of message on the internet radios of the future allong with your, a new device your going to have to buy to remaine alive in the mfuture btommorow. Price for you $9 millionb US, and you get that 2 story Kemper Freeman Bellevue suuperrior pent in Bellevue. The things we could film there. the life of grace you could afford with only on hours worth of work, Give me a call please, I dont LIE and Could you say that just maby ther is one who surfs the web and studies trends in gay male porn from military requeting attraction to feternal college, and skateboadring and srteaking naked is becomming the rage We have the server


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