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breakers titan gay porn bruce camNews that legendary director Bruce Cam was retiring from directing porn, set my expectations for Breakers — his last movie — almost unrealistically high.

As the founder of Titan over 12 years ago, his tremendous impact on gay porn over the last decade can’t be denied. Through his movies and by overseeing all their productions, he refined the genre with sumptuous outdoors epics like Gorge and Heat, while simultaneously expanding it with fetish movies that really pushed the envelope of extreme like Fallen Angel series.

He took the reigning aesthetic of the time — that of the overly-groomed, plucked and dyed porn star — and turned it on its ear, opening the door for more natural, “real” men, and along the way making stars out of Cliff Rhodes Spencer Quest, Dean Flynn, Ben Jakks and of course Dred Scott (just to name a few).

I had the honor of watching him direct Horse: Fallen Angel 5 for a piece I was writing for GayVN Magazine. Watching him was akin to a maestro conducting an orchestra. A few years ago, rather than sacrifice his exacting standards, he chose to decrease his output to one movie per year; the annual Bruce Cam release is an event porn aficionados look forward to year round.

So can his swan song Breakers be that good? In a word: Yes. All 13 of the men approach perfection, including horse-dicked new exclusive Dillon Buck and dead-sexy newcomers Jackson Wild (legendary TitanMan Eduardo even makes an appearance). I can’t find a single flaw in this seven-scene, 5.5 hour epic achievement. A film like “Breakers” don’t come around very often and make you realize how overused words like “remarkable” and “stunning” are. While I’m sad this is his last (he’s moving on to make documentary films), his influence and legacy will live on a long, long time.

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Can you see why I’m wild for Jackson WIld?


Newest TitanMan Dillon Buck


Classic TitanMan Eduardo makes his return in “Breakers”– and has never looked better


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