Amateur Gay Porn: Sean Cody’s Carleton

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There’s nothing that stokes a hunger for amateur porn like holiday air travel. Military uniforms and state college t-shirts dressing up corn-fed muscle, furtive glances over the massagers at Brookstone, and well-fermented conversation in the Fox News bar. It’s no wonder Larry Craig broke his wedding vows in an airport.

Carlton, one of Sean Cody‘s newest, has sure been lapping it up over the holidays. Straight boy sites like Sean Cody can be an endless sausage party, so when they get a gay guy in it’s an endless game of “Spin The Bottom.” Blond and downy Carlton reminds me a bit of Pete Ross, who could be counted on to play the same role for the studios, but without the ginger spice.

First, they put Carlton with Harley, who pretty much wrestled him for top just to prove his masculinity (then blew a load on his face) …6-gay-porn-sean-cody-harley-wrestle.jpg




Later, they subjected him to Berke, who he pretty much sucked dry …




Nice work if you can get it.


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