Gay Porn and the Straight College Guy

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If the federal government really wanted to crack down on gay porn, they’d make college less expensive. Otherwise these young innocents, upon turning 18, are free to sell their stroke to the highest bidder.

To commemorate those early days of sexual freedom and my first credit card, I took to watching several so-called “amateur” college jerk off videos. You know, the ones where producers woo unsuspecting freshmen and frat boys into tossing off for the camera.

Uncle Don, the Humbert Humbert of Southern California takes a hands-on approach to his twink charges in College Students: Stroking for Dollars. The Body Shoppe series features the freshmen of Southern California schools beating the meat to b\pay their tuition. He spends a lot of time on set up — getting to know his supposedly straight models from pick-up to nut bust. The juicy backstory, no matter how contrived, only serves to heat up the men even more…College students can shoot an amazing load — and some of them do even more. In IAAV’s Straight Naughty College Students a flexible computer geek sucks himself off while watching girl-on-girl action. Other highlights include a beer-can dicked mechanic and a 19-year-old police academy trainee who shoot cum like bullets out of an assualt rifle.

It’s hard to tell what this year’s Class of 2005 will bring — except that as long as university fees keep rising, so will the men.

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