Cory Koons: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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Cory Koons, Gay Porn StarI met Cory Koons last year while he was dancing at the Nob Hill Theatre. He came up to me, and I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something really fucking obnoxious. He’s got a real spark to him, this one, but I quickly learned that he’s got the smarts to back his shit up (and a fierce “new wave hooker” wardrobe to boot).

At the time, Cory still hadn’t thought up a last name. Though he didn’t end up going with any of my suggestions, I was pleased that he did name himself after Jeff Koons, a modern artist we both really like.

He’s filmed a bunch of movies this year, from raunchy Raging Stallion sex-a-thons to Studio 2000 twink-fests. I’m eager to see where in the porn spectrum he lands, as he seems well suited for both or anything in-between.So far, “Stoked: Part 1” from Raging Stallion is the only film of his to be released. When I saw his auspicious debut, my theories on Cory were confirmed: He’s a firecracker and his ass is a thing of wonder and awe-inspiring talent. Sort of like a gorgeous black hole. Martin Cox, in his review of Stoked on, was equally intrigued:

” … every time Cory lowers himself onto Kyle’s erection, his butthole looks like a hot mouth that’s puckering up for a big kiss.”

That’s a complement, right?

Cory Koons, Gay Porn Star

Single/Taken? Taken. As if that’s stopped me before.

Age? 23

Day Job? Jack-of-all-trades art/fashion-attention-seeking faggot.

Hometown? Bakersfield, CA.

How can fans get in touch with you?

Do your parents know? They know I’m “special.”

How did you come up with your Porn Name? Cory was given to me, Koons in honor of one of my favorite artists.

Your first gay experience? Oh god, traumatic and satisfying, just like most since.

Favorite porn sex scene that you’re NOT in? That record-breaking all-anal gang bang by that one slanted-eyed whore. Fucking bitch. What is it about Asians and ass?

Cory Koons, Gay Porn StarCorniest line of porn dialogue you’ve had to deliver? A few days ago was my mom’s saddest day. It was the day she found out that I have cancer. It is called lymphoma, which our vet said could make me an angel soon. That day, mom�hugged me a lot, and we� played ball for a long�time. She told me that she was sorry for all the�times I wanted to play ball but she thought�she was too busy. She took me and Lily on a very long walk through the woods. That night it seemed like everyone’s eyes were filled with water.

What was the first porn film you ever saw? Taboo 4: The Younger Generation.

Name a sex act you haven’t tried? Snuff scenes?

What do you think is your best asset? Besides my winning attitude?

What do you think is your worst asset? Besides my winning attitude?

Worst habit? Breaking men’s HEARTS.

Celebrity you’d most like to bed? The one I see every time I look in the mirror.

Cory Koons, Gay Porn StarLast Concert? Celine Dion in Vegas, or was that Cher’s farewell tour? No, wait, it was Madonna’s Reinvention Tour. I know, it was Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel Tour. Oh wait, she canceled it before it came to my town. I know, I know, it was that one night at that one circuit party where Christina Aguillera made a 4 a.m. guest appearence. Oh wait, no, that’s right, it was CeCe Peniston. Finally, I have the answer!

Secret Fear? That I actually don’t enjoy anal sex and that Madonna really doesn’t believe in the Kabbalah.

Favorite Magazine? Butt. Dog Fancy.

What’s your workout routine like? Painful and sporadic.

Favorite non-porn movie sex scene? Any scene in “Crash,” but I especially like the one in which James Spader fucks Rosanna Arquette’s leg gash.

Favorite album to fuck to? I prefer to make the soundtrack

Can you cook? Like a fucking chef.

What’s in the future for Cory Koons? I’m a fucking porn star, not a fucking fortune-teller. I was going to plug some of my upcoming projects; however, I think that’s a bit tacky, and that’s not my style.


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