“Gay Porn Academy Awards” Announced

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gayvn awardsWell, the closest thing we’ve got to the gay porn oscars … the 2005 GayVN Awards. Mike and I were nominated for “Best Screenplay” (for Wet Palms, natch). And, of course, it’s an honor just to be nominated but fuck if we don’t win … gawd! The WP did pretty fucking great, garnering 11 nominations, (only to be overshadowed by Buckleroos, which got 17 and Horse: Fallen Angel 5, which got 14, and Bolt which tied us with 11. Like, whatevs…) Michael Lucas’ Lost and Lucas Kazan’s Backstage both got 9 nominations. Falcon’s Taking Flight 1 + 2 got a respectable 7. My favorite Porn star-turned-designer-turned-porn star-turned-porn producer Ray Dragon’s Whiplash got 5. Double Delights, an all-double penetration flick, got a surprising 4 nominations.

I have to say I’m especially proud of my pal Cory Koons (not Corey, whatevs) for getting a “Best Newcomer” nom (ya saw him here first, folks) and let’s keep our fingers crossed that Gus Mattox’s Erica Kane curse is over when he finally takes home this year’s highly coveted Performer of the Year trophy. I’m actually glad I’m not voting this year because I’d never be able to choose between Gus, Tag Adams, Brad Benton, Owen Hawk, or Sexcyone (who?!) for Performer of the Year.

Congrats to everyone nominated, siiiriously.

Complete listing of the 2005 GayVN Award Nominations “after the jump” as the kids say …Best Actor
Rafael Alencar Gored (Studio 2000)
Brad Benton Wet Palms 1-3 (Jet Set Productions)
Fyrefli Husband By Day, Hustler By Night (All Worlds Video)
Marcus Iron BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Michael Lucas Lost (Lucas Entertainment)
Dean Phoenix BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Aiden Shaw Perfect Fit (Hot House Entertainment)
Jim Slade The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion (Big Blue Productions)
Michael Soldier Wet Palms 1-3 (Jet Set Productions)
Josh Weston Taking Flight 1-2 (Falcon Studios)

Best All-Sex Video
Bolt (Rascal Video)
Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)
Male Tales (Sarava Productions)
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station (Titan Media)
Musclemen Moving Co. (Big Blue Productions)
Plexus (Raging Stallion Studios)
Screw 1-2 (Hot House Entertainment)
Stoked 1-2 (Raging Stallion Studios)
Studs n’ Pups (MSR Videos)
Whiplash (Dragon Media)

Best Art Direction

Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Bolt (Rascal Video)

BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)

Double Delights (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Fivestar (Titan Media)

Gay Dreams 2 (Raging Stallion Studios)

Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)

Nomads (All Worlds Video)

Revolucion Sexual (All Worlds Video)

Taking Flight 1-2 (Falcon Studios)

Best Director
Kristen Bjorn– Men Amongst the Ruins (Sarava Productions)
Bruce Cam– Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)
George Duroy– Greek Holiday 1-2 (Bel Ami Entertainment)
Joe Gage– Back to Barstow (Titan Media)
Sven Jungbluth– Countdown (Centaur Films)
Lucas Kazan– Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Chi Chi LaRue– Bolt (Rascal Video)
Michael Lucas– Lost (Lucas Entertainment)
John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas– BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Steven Scarborough– Perfect Fit (Hot House Entertainment)

Best Actor – Foreign Release
Tim Hamilton– Greek Holiday 1-2 (Bel Ami Entertainment)
Tony Magera– The Right Moves (Studio 2000 International)
Franko Potente– Countdown (Centaur Films)
Giorgio Salieri– Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Max Veneziano– Men Amongst The Ruins (Sarava Productions)

Best DVD Extras
Backstage , Lucas Kazan Productions
Bolt , Rascal Video
BuckleRoos 1-2 (Premium Collector’s Edition), Buckshot Productions
Horse: Fallen Angel 5 , Titan Media
Lost , Lucas Entertainment
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station , Titan Media
Plexus Hardcore , Raging Stallion Studios
Screw 2, Hot House Entertainment
Taking Flight 1-2, Falcon Studios
Wet Palms 1-3 , Jet Set Productions

Best Videography
Max Julien– 8 Inches 2 (Marcostudio)
Leonardo Rossi– Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Hue Wilde, Charles Stevens– Bolt (Rascal Video)
Todd Montgomery– BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Andre Adair– Cowboy Rides Again (Big Blue Productions)
Brian Mills– Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)
Tony DiMarco– Lost (Lucas Entertainment)
Kristen Bjorn– Men Amongst The Ruins (Sarava Productions)
Ray Dragon– Whiplash (Dragon Media)
Chip Daniels– Wild Rangers 2 (Centaur Films)

Best DVD Special Edition
Bolt, Rascal Video
BuckleRoos, Buckshot Productions
Horse: Fallen Angel 5, Titan Media
Plexus, Raging Stallion Studios
Wet Palms 1-3, Jet Set Productions

Best Editing
James Sheridan and Kawai– Back to Barstow (Titan Media)
Scott Coblio– Bolt (Rascal Video)
Andrew Rosen– BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Lenny Ericksson– Countdown (Centaur Films)
James Sheridan and Kawai– Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)
Tony DiMarco– Lost (Lucas Entertainment)
Kristen Bjorn– Men Amongst The Ruins (Sarava Productions)
Jim Wigler– Perfect Fit (Hot House Entertainment)
Jean-Marc Prouveur– Porn Zone (Oh Man! International)
Chip Daniels– Wild Rangers 2 (Centaur Films)

Best Marketing Campaign
Bolt , Rascal Video
BuckleRoos 1-2 , Buckshot Productions
Horse: Fallen Angel 5, Titan Media
Taking Flight 1-2, Falcon Studios
Kept , Hot House Entertainment
Wet Palms 1-3 , Jet Set Productions

Best Foreign Release
Backstage , Lucas Kazan Productions
Countdown , Centaur Films
8 Inches 2 , Marcostudio
Greek Holiday 1-2 , Bel Ami Entertainment
Heartbreak Hotel , Sarava Productions
Lust in Translation, El Dorado
Men Amongst The Ruins , Sarava Productions
Porn Zone, Oh Man! International
The Right Moves , Studio 2000 International
Sexgaymes: Pace, Raging Stallion Studios

Best Group Scene
Back to Barstow (Titan Media), Final Orgy
Bolt (Rascal Video), Final Orgy
Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media), Joey Dino, Sebastian Tauza, Pete Ross, Fredrick Ford
Kept (Falcon Studios), Ben Damon, Chad Hunt, Jeremy Jordan, Gus Mattox, Dean Monroe
Lost (Lucas Entertainment), Orgy

Best Picture
Back to Barstow, Titan Media
Bolt , Rascal Video
BuckleRoos 1-2, Buckshot Production
Gay Dreams 2, Raging Stallion Studios
Horse: Fallen Angel 5, Titan Media
Lost, Lucas Entertainment
Perfect Fit, Hot House Entertainment
69: Discover the Secret, Catalina Video
Taking Flight 1-2, Falcon Studios
Wet Palms 1-3 , Jet Set Productions

Best Screenplay
Jett Blakk, French Kiss (Red Devil Entertainment)
Mike Donner, A Current Affair (All American Men)
Jerry Douglas, BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Josh Eliot, 69: Discover the Secret (Catalina Video)
Joe Gage, Back to Barstow (Titan Media)
Doug Jeffries, Little Big League (Electro Video)
Sven Jungbluth, Countdown (Centaur Films)
Lucas Kazan, Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)
**Jack Shamama and Michael Stabile, Wet Palms 1-3 (Jet Set Productions) That’s us. Hot.**
Chris Steele, Kept (Falcon Studios)

Best Supporting Actor
Brad Benton– Freak: Jet Set Direct, Take 1 (Jet Set Productions)
Sasha Byazrov– Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Luciano Haas– Lost (Lucas Entertainment)
Owen Hawk– BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Gus Mattox– Kept (Falcon Studios)
Chip Noll– 69: Discover the Secret (Catalina Video)
Jason Ridge– Wet Palms 1-3 (Jet Set Productions)
Brad Rock– Cowboy Rides Again (Big Blue Productions)
Matthew Rush– Taking Flight (Falcon Studios)
Marc Sterling– Back to Barstow (Titan Media)

Best Newcomer
Diego De La Hoya
Adam Dexter
Fredrick Ford
Wilfried Knight
Cor(e)y Koons
Kent Larson
Troy Punk
Eddie Stone
Sebastian Tauza
Bobby Williams

Performer of the Year
Tag Adams
Brad Benton
Owen Hawk
Kent Larson
Gus Mattox
Arpad Miklos
Mario Ortiz
Mario Perez
Josh Weston

Best Leather Video
Hard Sex , Raging Stallion Studios
Hog: The Leather File , COLT Studio
Horse: Fallen Angel 5 , Titan Media
Whiplash , Dragon Media
Zak Attack , Mustang Studios

Best Music
DJ Slater and Scott Coblio– Bolt (Rascal Video)
Nicholas Pavkovic, Rock Hard– BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)
Phil St. John– Double Delights (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
Fledgling, Rick Randy, Mingle-Mangle.com,
Rusty Bender– Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)
Keith David– Wild Rangers 2 (Centaur Films)

Best Non-Sex Performance
Holly N. Likely– Getting It Straight (Jocks Studios)
Jean-Marc Prouveur– Porn Zone (Oh Man! International)
Jason Sechrest– Wet Palms 1-3 (Jet Set Productions)
Spanky– Bisexual Infomercial (Male Media One)
Zak Spears– BuckleRoos 1-2 (Buckshot Productions)

Best Oral Scene
Janeiro, Rocco– Dawgz on the D.L. (Latino Fan Club)
Wall of Penises– Plexus (Raging Stallion Studios)
Brandon James, Lee Walters– A Rim With a View (Video 10)
Bobby Williams, Trent Austin, Jonathan West– Ripe (All Worlds Video)
Ollie Kicks, Clay Maverick– Studs n’ Pups (MSR Videos)

Best Packaging
The American Lover , All Worlds Video
Back to Barstow , Titan Media
BuckleRoos: Special Edition , Buckshot Productions
Construction Island , All Worlds Video
Double Size , Pacific Sun Entertainment
Greek Holiday 1 , Bel Ami Entertainment
Horse: Fallen Angel 5 , Titan Media
Manhandled , Electro Video
A Rim With a View , Video 10
Stoked 2 , Raging Stallion Studios
When in Rome , Rascal Video
Young Bucks , Raging Stallion Studios

Best Pro/Am Release
ManPlay 15 , Titan Media
Michael Lucas’ Auditions 1 , Lucas Entertainment
Personal Trainers 8 , Bel Ami Entertainment
ShowGuys 101: Spike & Austin , ShowGuys.com
Surf Boys Taken Down Under , Arena Entertainment

Best Sex Comedy
Getting It Straight , Jocks Studios
Heartbreak Hotel , Sarava Productions
Pool Boy , All Worlds Video
A Rim With a View , Video 10
Wet Palms 1-3 , Jet Set Productions

Best Sex Scene
Johnny Biddulph, Charlie Moore– American City (IOP)
Fyrefli, Tyler Boots– Back to Barstow (Titan Media)
Carlo Masi, Karim– Big n’ Plenty (COLT Studio)
Johnny Hazzard, Zak Spears– Bolt (Rascal Video)
Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron– BuckleRoos 2 (Buckshot Productions)
DC Chandler, Rafael Carreras– Driven (Studio 2000)
Spencer Quest, Joey Ross– Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (Titan Media)
Slava Petrovich, Max Veneziano– Men Amongst The Ruins (Sarava Productions)
Tag Adams, Gus Mattox– Raw Footage (Rascal Video)
Owen Hawk, Troy Punk– Screw 1 (Hot House Entertainment)
Matthew Rush, Rob Romoni– Taking Flight 2 (Falcon Studios)
Eddie Stone, Filippo Romano– When in Rome (Rascal Video)

Best Solo Performance
Ricky Martinez– Backstage (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Arpad Miklos, Ricky Martinez– BuckleRoos 1 (Buckshot Productions)
Dean Resnick, Dave Resnick– Double Size (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
Peter– On the Couch: Toronto (Mercury Releasing)
Ian Madrox– The Skater Sex Chronicles (Saggerzskaterz.com)
Sammy Case– SoloBoys 9 (Color Ink Corp.)
Julian– Str8 Shots (Rascal Video)
Gabriel Knight– Wet Palms (Jet Set Productions)

Best Solo Video
Alone With… 6 , Falcon Studios
An American Soldier! 2 , Pink Bird
Minute Man 21 , COLT Studio
Straight Mountain Boys , Pat and Sam
Str8 Shots , Rascal Video

Best Specialty Release
Double Delights , Pacific Sun Entertainment
Drilled , Raging Stallion Studios
HandPacked 3 , Hot House Entertainment
Hard Sex , Raging Stallion Studios
ManPlay Xtreme 2 , Titan Media
A Rim With a View , Video 10
Whiplash , Dragon Media
X Fights UK 3 , BG East

Best Specialty Release (18-23)
Aqua Club , Pacific Sun Entertainment
Chicken Patrol 2 , The French Connection
City Heat, Country Passion , All American Men
Dorm Days , Unzipped Video
Seduction of a Surfer , IOP
Str8 Jocks Big Cocks , CitiBoyz Video
Twink-a-licious , Helix Studios

Best Specialty Release (Bears)
American Bears , Pacific Sun Entertainment
Bear Boned , Catalina Video
Big Rig Bears , Pacific Sun Entertainment
From Bear to Bare , All Worlds Video
Workshop Bears , Arena Entertainment

Best Threesome
Sammy Case, Marcus Iron, Timmy Thomas– BuckleRoos 2 (Buckshot Productions)
Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff, Franko Potente– Countdown (Centaur Films)
Michael Brandon, Kid Cock, Steve Pierce– Double Delights (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
Max Veneziano, Pietro Rosselli, Antonio Armani– Journey to Greece (Sarava
Leo Bramm, Kent Larson, Bobby Williams– Kept (Falcon Studios)
Alex Clark, Wilfried Knight, Michael Lucas– Lost (Lucas Entertainment)
Jim Slade, Flex-Deon Blake, Dan Packin– The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion (Big Blue Productions)
Pietro Rosselli, Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes– ParaShooter (Sarava Productions)
Tag Adams, Tony Acosta, Manuel Torres– Stoked 1 (Raging Stallion Studios)
Mario Ortiz, Ray Dragon, Adam Rider– Whiplash (Dragon Media)

Best Ethnic-Themed Video
Bustin’ In , Jackrabbit Productions
Dawgz on the D.L. , Latino Fan Club
Manhandled , Electro Video
Manhattan Fantasies , Tyson-Vega Productions
Revolucion Sexual , All Worlds Video

Best Alternative Release
Adonis: Anal 1 (Otherworld Productions)
Best Size 35 (Athletic Model Guild)
Extreme Boyz Chronicles (Torsion Video)
On the Couch 1-2 (Mercury Releasing)
Reflections: A Spring Break Fantasy (CSL Films)

Best Amateur Video
American Heroes 1-2 (MSR Videos)
Heat of the Moment (Defiant Productions)
Never a Dull Moment (Pat & Sam)
Stripping, Stroking, Licking & Sucking Unaware Frat Boys (FratBoy Videos)
ThunderBobby 1 (ThunderBobby Productions)

Best Bisexual Video
Bi Bi American Pie (Macho Man)
Bi-rthday Orgy (U.S. Male)
Fine Bi Me (Adam & Eve)
Just Married (Blue Pictures)
Semper Bi (All Worlds Video)

Best Classic DVD
Kiss-Off (All Worlds Video)
My Masters (Spunk Video)
Rip Colt’s Sex-Rated Home Movies (COLT Studio)
The Road to Hopeful (Hot House Entertainment)
Sex Bazaar (YMAC)
Spokes (Falcon Studios)

Best Director – Bisexual Video
Angela D’Angelo– Bi Bi American Pie (Macho Man)
Mike Donner– Fine Bi Me (Adam & Eve)
Jackson Rubio– Just Married (Blue Pictures)
Alex Schnegr– Bi-rthday Orgy (U.S. Male)
Dirk Yates– Semper Bi (All Worlds Video)

11 responses to “Gay Porn Academy Awards” Announced

  1. rikjaymes January 28th, 2005 at 2:11 AM

    Wow, congrats Mike and Jack. I knew you before you were big stars. lol.



  2. JASON RIDGE January 28th, 2005 at 8:42 AM

    Congratulations Mike and Jack! I enjoyed working on your project and making it come to life. The experience I will never forget.



  3. thoober January 28th, 2005 at 11:41 AM

    I was wondering how you became porn writters. It seems like such a fun job. I have some ideas for soem things that would be really fun, like a gay porn reality TV show and cool stuff like that. Email me. Trace Hoober


  4. Steven January 28th, 2005 at 3:46 PM

    This years awards are going to be difficult. I must admit I really enjoyed the Buckleroos movie with their new collectors extra DVD – That Zak Spears and how he fucks superman Carlo! Yum Yum! I have not seen any of the other movies yet, but I will! Good luck guys!


  5. eric February 5th, 2005 at 12:11 AM

    Does anyone know a site where i can rent/ buy new / used latino fan club tapes for dirt cheap prices?



  6. Mark February 22nd, 2005 at 8:55 AM

    Go you guys!


  7. rob February 27th, 2005 at 2:17 PM

    Go Dan Packin and the crowd from “The Matrixxx”!! Best of luck to my husband, Dan Packin,


  8. Porn lover August 3rd, 2005 at 9:50 PM

    When is the fabulous black stud Gene Lamar going to grace the screen again? One of the most sexciting and prolitic pornstuds in the history of gay erotica, he is sorely missed. Oh, what I would do to hear his voice say “Oh, shit” again, followed by one of his lusty, nutt=busting moans. Heaven.


  9. Rex November 5th, 2005 at 10:22 AM

    I think the SEXY AND HANDSOME Kent Larson – should team up with a HOT Black Gay Porn actor(s) for a Intense HOT SEX Video!


  10. icaro1974 December 25th, 2005 at 1:51 PM



  11. Anthony January 21st, 2006 at 7:24 PM

    I just saw BuckleRoos, both 1 and 2, the best scene by far is the three-way between Iron, Case and Thomas.

    Normally twinkies don’t do it for me but Sammy Case taking Marcus Iron up his ass was unbelieveable and hot!


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