Some Situations Demand A “Spit And Polish”

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Saxon West, Theo Ford, Shane Stone and Nathan Hope are on top in this fetish farm. They take their pick from four hungry subs: JP Dubois, Johny Cruz, Andro Maas and Chris Harder. And they go “oink, oink, oink” all the way bone.

[Watch “Hooded” at UK Hot Jocks]

From UK Hot Jocks:
Anonymous, mysterious, the rush and thrill of not knowing who might take you, what they might be into sexually and how they could test or break your limits. A hood is an extremely simple but effective way to play. Removing your sight, muffling your hearing and altering your perceptions altogether.

The Sub’s are paraded out and lined up – and like good boys they stay and wait. One by one they are selected by the Dom who thoroughly chooses them from the line up. Our Dom’s clearly have fun in their selection process, pacing back and forth, crotch grabbing, ass playing, choking, slapping, snogging and playing with any guy they choose before finally selecting the one they deem the best to fuck. [Watch the Scene]

free gay fetish video‘On your knees boy!’, quick smart, mouth open and ready this boy is excited to feel object that was seconds ago pounding his arse. Unrelenting, unobstructed and completely willing this sub has a talented throat. Drool going everywhere, he’s getting off on making such a mess of himself while Saxon adds to the mess by drowning him in spit.. which seems to fuel this slutty sub! One stage at a time, he removes the rubber blindfold over his mask, leaving some anonymity from the doms point of view. Boy has earned the right to see his aggressor. Arse up, ready to fuck again Saxon takes him from behind. His huge cock stretching out that pink hole again, pulling all the way out and back in again giving the full force of his girth. A second treat for the boy, the hood fully comes off but this is not the end of his punishment! [Watch the Scene]

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