Yes, Donald Trump, You Really Are a Dick Head

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“The Dicture Gallery” is a brain child of Soraya Doolbaz, an Iranian-Canadian artist living in New York. Aesthetic and comedic value aside, “The Dicture Gallery” project is being harnessed to help raise money for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

dicture gallery donald trump

All of this came about after Doolbaz received many an “artistically challenged” penis photo.

I’ve gotten my fair share of dick pics over the years and most of my single friends had as well. We would show them to each other and compare. These dick pics varied in quality depending on the guy and the relationship (Gay guys really do take the best dick pics). I thought it would be funny to treat dick pics like a high fashion photo shoot. So, I put clothes on penises and the rest is history!

dicture gallery donald trump

Beginning Thursday, the complete collection will be displayed for two weeks at New York’s 317 Gallery. Doolbaz plans to unveil some penis portraits of history’s biggest dictators: Dicks like Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-un.

As we can see, she already has gotten a few out of the way.

dicture gallery donald trump

Dickhead Trump | Vladimir Foreskinski | Saddam Thobssein

Let this be inspiration for us all. We can’t let a woman corner the market on designer dick pics can we guys?

(h/t Huffington Post Gay Voices)

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