Gay Porn Before & After: Who’s That Girl?

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What gay porn star donned “Justify My Love”-era Madonna drag for the cover of a new magazine?

Francois sagat Madonna Drag

The answer after the jump …

That would be Francois Sagat in Madonna drag (who else?!) and the image purports to be the cover of new gay magazine called Loverboy.  The magazine promises:

Drag Queens. Porn Stars. A to Z Listers. And Francois Sagat channeling Madonna….Yes, in Issue #1 we’ll be bringing you a mélange of all things camp, glossy, gritty, dirty and hot. Here’s just a taste of what to expect – Francois Sagat giving you full on Madonna “Justify My Love”-era realness….

Francois says “I could only re-incarnate Madonna’s early 90s look because back then she was the ‘gay’ fantasy, she was presenting what gay men think is feminine. The look was beyond true femininity, it was ‘hyper-feminine.’ But my face is so sharp, I think it would have been useless to try and make it softer… I could easily look like a mix between Madonna and Glenn Close. The transformation worked so well because we both have the same bodies!! LOL, only joking…People keep saying I’m trying to do these pop stars in drag. So ok, let’s do this properly. Let’s do the QUEEEEENNNN!”

I think he nails the Madonna look pretty well!

Francois Sagat Madonna Drag

Francois Sagat Madonna Drag for Loverboy Magazine

 That being said, here’s Francois how I prefer him: Naked, no makeup, and getting fucked (in this case by Spencer Reed and Shay Michaels):

Francois Sagat

 (Image from TitanMen’s “Incubus”)


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  1. David March 19th, 2014 at 6:33 AM

    Kind of looks like Gene Hackman at the end of The Birdcage.


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