Chris Bines/Hunter Page Take Us Out in Boyfriends Finale

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Although up until now, NakedSword Originals Boyfriends 2 has given us a peek of the real-life boyfriends having sex, the final couple Hunter Page and Chris Bines are merely fuck buddies. This doesn’t mean that there’s any less of the scorching chemistry we’ve seen in the previous episodes of this series: These two have been going at it for a while and they know how to press each other’s buttons.

Chris Bines and Hunter Page boyfriends 2

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(Watch the full scene exclusively on NakedSword)

From NakedSword:

When the bodies are this hot, who needs love? Hunter Page and Chris Bines aren’t committed, or even interested in having much of a conversation. But when these two porn stars are in the same city — or heck, even the same airport — they can’t stay away. In the final scene from NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2, we leave behind the free spirits, fiery passions and locked-down collars and get down to the sex. Hunter and Page are fuckbuddies, and nothing more. Does Hunter know Chris’ favorite food? Or what he was wearing the first time they met? Not on your life. But he does know that he wants to sit on his cock, and he knows that after it’s over he can kick him out of bed. And for all our high-minded talk of love and husbands, that might just make him the best type of boyfriend of all.

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