Sean Ford & Evan Parker Ride The Beck Hartley Fuck Train

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Some guys have all the fuck. Beck Hartley’s first hardcore scene for Helix has him being the engine for a Sean Ford and Evan Parker fuck train.

evan parker sean ford beck hartley helix“The three cockketeers” swap schlongs before remembering the newbie said he loves his ass eaten. Ford dives in face first. Then move to the flip side. Then Evan dives in Sean.

evan parker sean ford beck hartley helixEvan opens the boy wide before passing the pretty pucker over to his buddy who continues the ass assault.

evan parker sean ford beck hartley helixHelix always has a way with words, “This when it comes to ass control; squeezing his tight tush inward showing off his bangin’ butt muscles and giving Sean’s cock an extra hug. The epic finale is a terrifically trampy sex train resulting in a torrential downpour of dude juice.”

Now Beck also knows what they say about Cali extended to cum shots as well: it never rains, it pours.

[Watch Beck, Evan, & Sean in “Introducing Beck Hartley” at Helix]

evan parker sean ford beck hartley helix[Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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