Duncan Black Can’t Stay Out Of The Meatrack

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One of my biggest gripes about living on the West Coast is that — come summer — Fire Island isn’t just a quick train/ferry-ride away. Like Mike, I also have many fond memories of stumbling around the hallowed grounds of the meatrack, tooling for sex in the darkness. 

A friend recently recounted hooking up with a well-hung, muscled guy in the meatrack a few summers ago. As they headed back to their respective summer shares and emerged from the darkness, the moonlight illuminated his trick’s face and realized he had just hooked up with a pretty well-known actor (one who has yet to officially “come out of the closet”). For the latest installment of Dominic Ford’s Meatrack series, Duncan Black saunters back into the shaded sex Xanadu, this time hooking up with cutie David Lambert. The golden-hued, washed-out tones of the photo set of their scene is making me particularly nostalgic to go back to this magic place. Sigh … 


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Duncan Black And Trenton Ducati On Fire Island’s Infamous Meat Rack


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