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Or, 17 guys who had sex with each other this week on a sweaty gay porn set. What is it about summer that makes everyone want to have an orgy?








1. Scott Adler, Brayden James and this kid Damian (NakedSword)
Poor Scott Adler spent all day on Craiglist trying to find an apartment that would let him start Brooklyn’s first artisinal Tellicherry farming and drying operation in the alcove. But rather than wax his mustache in frustration, he had sex with two big-dicked twinks who their way home from a Moog exhibition in Hudson. More …


2. Summer School at Fraternity X

Finally got a letter home from the Zach’s brother! “Zach is one of our latest pledges and last Saturday afternoon he was giving rounds while the boys were hanging out, and getting drunk. This dudes fresh meat from the midwest, and came to ASU to study communications or something. Anyway he’s gonna walk away with a phd in taking big loads up the ass. If Mommy and Daddy only knew.” More …    


3. Conrad Logan and Shane Jacobs (Guys In Sweatpants)

Officially, there are only two in this scene, but since Austin’s behind the camera, and no doubt got a swipe of the action, I thought I’d throw this in for good measure. More …    


4. Chris and The Maverick Men
The Maverick Men spent the week crossing off more entries their 1001 Books to Read Before You Die List. #248: “Chocolate” Chris. More …


5. Jason, Colin and Vadim (Bel Ami)
If you’re a member of Bel Ami, then you’ll recall that last week Jason, Colin and Vadim stopped the hot three-way shoot so they could go look for condoms. Just kidding. Here’s part two any way.More …

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