Rewarding The Vale-dick-torian

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Now that Lorenzo Flexx finds out what Dean Dirk Caber has in mind to give him instead of a diploma, he’s already decided to return in the fall for his doctorate.

dirk caber fucks lorenzo flexxOnce he slicked up his own hairy pecs, Lorenzo rolled over and asked Dirk, “Can you get my back?” Seems Dirk got a little, err, distracted by the manscape that is Lorenzo’s fur-covered ass.

dirk caber fucks lorenzo flexxSuffice to say, the oil did not go to waste.

dirk caber fucks lorenzo flexxWith Dirk on his back, Lorenzo hops on and gets slam fucked from below until Dirk flips him over and pummels a thick load right out of him. And when Lorenzo yelled, “I want your cum” loud enough for the nextdoor neighbors to hear, Dirk pelts him with a facial that the neighbors two blocks over could see. ANd with that, class dismissed.

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  1. Girl Nigeria July 2nd, 2017 at 2:58 PM

    What a deep fuck


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