Is This The Ultimate Gape?

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Ansony, the Venezuelan sensation, has nine inches that go deep. But it’s the girth that turns an ass hole into a black hole. And today, Dano Guerre wears it well.

ansony fucks dano guerre bareabackFor someone who can get as rough as Ansony can, who knew he liked to play footsie too?

ansony fucks dano guerre bareabackAnsony first bends Dano over and takes charge from behind. Then Dano climbs on and stretches both his squads and his sphincter going for a ride. And it’s not a quick trip around the block either. If Dano’s middle name isn’t “resilient,” it should be.

ansony fucks dano guerre bareabackFinally, Ansony gets Dano on all fours and gives him a creampie. And a drive-thru window. ¡Buen provecho!

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