If This Much Cum Won’t Satisfy Brent Corrigan’s “Ultra Fan” …

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Part thriller, part whodunit, and all parts sexy is “Ultra Fan”. Brent Corrigan and NakedSword Originals team up for a lust-driven chronicle of when one fan’s obsession runs out of control and right onto the screen.

In our preview yesterday, “I’m directing for NakedSword. I am making the kinds of features I have always wanted to make,” was Brent Corrigan’s mission statement of where he is in his life right now. Never looking better, “Ultra Fan” was written, directed, and stars the ultimate gay porn star.

No wonder he has an “Ultra Fan”.

brent corrigan calvin banks flip fuck ultra fan nakedswordThis is far from four scenes joined by a title. “Ultra Fan” has all the twists and turns from the big screen with some of the hottest sex yet on the blue screen. Falcon Studios Group exclusive Brent Corrigan was doing his live webcam show when it was hijacked by a crazed “Ultra Fan”. After being shown some incriminating material, Brent agrees to do as he’s told.

brent corrigan calvin banks flip fuck ultra fan nakedswordIt starts with a knock at the door. Even his “Ultra Fan” couldn’t miss the bulge on pizza boy Calvin Banks. Taking a pizza break is not what “Ultra Fan” had in mind.
brent corrigan calvin banks flip fuck ultra fan nakedswordAs instructed, Brent positions the webcam and begins sucking Calvin’s enormous cock. The pool table quickly gets repurposed as Calvin’s dick finds a new home. But even this home sweet home isn’t enough. “Ultra Fan” said “more” and Brent couldn’t refuse.

brent corrigan calvin banks flip fuck ultra fan nakedswordThere’s nothing flopping as Calvin climbs on top. Brent turns on the webcam again to broadcast every thrust up and down. And that cum rip Calvin delivers right to Brent’s handsome face is a direct hit. However, the facial Brent blasts Calvin with is even heavier and runs down his chin.

Will all that be enough to satisfy his “Ultra Fan”? Negatory. Which means this is far from the end.

[Watch Calvin Banks & Brent Corrigan in “Ultra Fan Scene 1: Extra Sausage” at NakedSword]

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