The “Huge Raw Talent” Of Corbin Colby

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“Where did they get that title from?” is often a very appropriate question when it comes to gay porn scenes. Today’s, however, says it all.

corbin colby fucks nathan reed bareback helix“Corbin Colby is a spectacular gift to porn lovers everywhere,” write Helix. “The kids got the biggest, most beautiful dick in recent porn history.” While there might be a bit of hyperbole in the last part, but a not a lot. Many would like to try it for themselves. Today Natan Reed is relishing his chance.

corbin colby fucks nathan reed bareback helixLike any good Helix top, Corbin’s oral skills front and back are more than just up to par.

corbin colby fucks nathan reed bareback helixAs always, Helix has a way with words. “Corbin absolutely annihilates ass, and his big balls slap like backup dancers. Nathan’s nut blasts skyrockets out, reaching his pretty pink nipples. A huge dong up your ass tends to do that. Colby gets his gorgeous ‘O’ face on and paints the kid’s pink hole whorey white.” Drops mic.

[Watch Nathan Reed & Corbin Colby in “Huge Raw Talent” at Helix] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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