Our Boyfriend’s Back And There’s Gonna Be Trouble

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The other day someone asked me “What’s the record for shortest porn star boyfriend relationship?” Which made me think of about a thousand on-set romances, and wonder what exactly constitutes a relationship for a porn star? Anal? Kissing? Not doing it for money? While I cleaned up the post-Valentine’s tissues, NakedSword once again set out to explore the hearts of today’s hottest young bodies in Boyfriends 2: Real Life Porn Star Boyfriends.

First up, Sean Duran and Nick Cross.


I always love porn star boyfriends shots — unlike random scene partners, real-life boyfriends like Cross and Duran know the other’s body well enough to really knock it out. And I’m not the only one. NakedSword’s original Boyfriends series a few years ago was one of their most popular, and the interviews, where we go behind closed doors with each couple to talk about how they met, and what they like, and how well they know each other, is just as hot as the movies themselves. 


Your move, Looking.


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2 responses to Our Boyfriend’s Back And There’s Gonna Be Trouble

  1. HansNL February 25th, 2014 at 7:11 AM

    That cumshot in the preview is hot!


  2. T-Bird February 25th, 2014 at 4:33 PM

    These 2 do make a hot couple on screen and off. Hot scene and yes the cum shot has me sold on this one.


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