How Much Cum Is There In 2000 Scenes?

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Unlike the Olympics, publicly bashing is a year-round sport. But in private, which of their 2000 scenes secretly made you cum across your finish line?

2016 USA Basketball Men's National Portraits

2000 thousand scenes. Nine sites. Over 650 men. 240 series. 19 tops into bottoms. And the gay porn parodies everyone loves to hate. still hasn’t figured out that making one of the guys play straight doesn’t make it hotter to most of the gay men they are trying to sell to. But five years later, they must be doing something great every once in a great while. And they do.

tarzan gay porn orgy
Diego Sans as “Tarzan” even the haters openly stroke.

porn star phenix saint
Some of their orgies work better than others

gay porn star johnny rapid
They have established their own truth: when Johnny Rapid walks into a room, every other man drops their pants in a Pavlovian response.

superman xxx gay comics
The also made grown man fap to the likes of Damien Crosse and Topher DiMaggio to the comic books they only wished they had as kids.

dennis west paul canon gay porn
Granted, their idea of a 12 Step program involves step-brothers, step-fathers, and Son Swaps


But they did get Paddy O’Brian to suck a dick once. Connor Maguire, you are one lucky stiff.

To celebrate, put together a short clip of the hottest moments in the last five years with a tiny teaser of things to come …



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