Draymond Green Is A Dick

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Draymond Green’s “long summer of cock and balls-related controversy” just was updated with a visual.

In June 2016, Draymond Jamal Green of the Golden State Warriors was named to the United States national squad for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Unfortunately for Green, his players had already named him as one of the biggest dicks in the NBA. For once, that is not a good thing. As for the dick pic he accidentally posted, I’ll leave that assessment up to you.

One thing for sure: Draymond Green, has been “acting like a dick.” all summer.
He kneed Steven Adams in the dick.

He swiped at LeBron’s dick,

Was a dick to Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson. Green was taken to an East Lansing police station and breathalyzed. He blew a .10 and had to stay in jail until he sobered up.

His dick-act continues unabated. “Earlier today, amidst pictures of general Team USA shenanigans,

an artfully crafted dick pic showed up on Green’s public Snapchat My Story, before swiftly being deleted.”

Green initially tweeted that he had been hacked. He tried the excuse of celebrities “who screw up on social media—before admitting that he had meant to send out the dick as a private snap” but experienced “a technical mishap,”

Correction, Draymond, just one click of just one dick. It hasn’t stopped you before … we’ll see what happens in Rio.

Happy Monday!

(h/t Deapspin)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled hardcore pornography.

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