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After reading Jack’s piece on the classic Falcon box covers, I went hunting for the box cover that set it off for me — Lukas’ Story 2. Oddly, it’s hard to find — it’s not available from Bel Ami either as a DVD or streaming (not even as the Lukas’ Stories compilation). But while they may have retired it, they haven’t slouched in the box cover department. In fact, it’s enough to make me give up the internet.


It’s not surprising that Bel Ami still puts the effort into their box covers. They’re DVD sales are still strong — or at least above industry average. An with the epic return of An American in Prague this summer, they’re in a bit of a retro mode. I’m not complaining.

Lukas' Story 2

Lukas’ Story 2

They retired the above box cover about ten years ago — removing the mysterious guy who never took his lifejacket off in the movie (bad body? scar? breasts? I spent years wondering) — but like a fetish totem, it still drives me nuts. 

(boxcovers via Bel Ami Online)

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