Behind-The-Scenes: Getting the Hard in Hardcore

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According to the dictum of one titan of industry, the fantasy inherent in porn must always be kept. There shall be, he reputedly claimed, no peeking at the man behind the curtain. While his Oz-inspired pronouncement lasted through his lifetime, the porn industry is changing.

Maybe it’s the preponderance of reality television, or maybe it’s a post-Hollywood cynicism that allows us to not only suspend our disbelief, but hoist it up in a sling. I’ve watched a number of behind-the-scenes pornos and I’ve decided on one exacting criteria: the essence of the medium must be maintained. I’ve got to be able to jack off to it.

An excellent example of this is Raging Stallion’s Plexus Hardcore. In essence, someone was given a video camera and followed around Michael Brandon as he preps the guys for Raging Stallion. It does a phenomenal job capturing the sexual energy and freedom of porn sets that I find so intoxicating. Viagra has made fluffers obsolete, but Michael Brandon is always willing to lend a mouth — and who can say no to that. It’s more romantic than a blue pill anyday.

Mr. Pam’s charming take on the filming of Buckleroos (Xposed) for COLT Studio’s Buckshot line was a hit at Gay and Lesbian festivals around the country and drove up sales of a truly exceptional adult film. There’s more to porn movies than fucking; there’s a comraderie and casual romance that’s replicated in few places outside a Fire Island beach share.

Mr. Pam also had a hand in Buckshot Productions’ latest expose — “The Making of Beyond Perfect.” It chronicles the filming of acclaimed director Jerry Douglas’ latest masterwork, Beyond Perfect (COLT Studio Group president’s mix of ennui and joyful resignation at being caught in an elevator perfectly expresses the mixed emotions of adult film production).’s Tim and Roma Show has made a habit (no puns intended) of hitting porn shoots and grabbing their own behind-the-scenes footage. They were on the set of Buckleroos two years ago watching Jerry Douglas feed motivation to Owen Hawk and Dean Phoenix before a big scene, and is currently showcasing the making of Raging Stallion’s epic Arabian drama, Arabesque.

The Tim and Roma team trekked to Sonoma County’s vinyard-dominated Kenwood for a Sunday afternoon they wouldn’t soon forget. In addition to catching stars like Manuel Torres, Joey Russo, Hussein and Colin West prepping for their scene while reclining – and fingerfucking — by the pool, they also managed to capture some great interviews.

Arabesque wasn’t content to settle with the documentary footage from Tim and Roma, however. They shot their own four-part series “The Making of Arabesque” from conception to production. While some may snigger at the amount of thought that director Chris Ward puts into props and atmospherics, you won’t find me among them.

Ward seems to understand the nature of fantasy better than many directors and while he was initially angry at me for mentioning that few of the actors in Arabesque were actually Arab, he has a keen sense of irony. In a stunning move, he grabbed the rights to sections of Rudy Valentino’s The Sheik, splicing in an old Hollywood interpretation of ethnicity with his own multi-cultural take. And while the first episode is a little slow, the action heats up soon enough. What other industry offers you buttfucking in a classroom dynamic.


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