Cirque Noir: There’s A Pussy In My Gay Porn!

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I love gay porn, don’t get me wrong: I follow it like your average straight man follows sports: I’m endlessly fascinated by the industry as a whole, and each studio’s new releases are exciting to me on one level or another. However, I do occasionally get a bit burnt out. Sometimes things get repetitive and as releases get bigger, longer and more epic, I do find myself wondering how anyone can top anyone anymore.

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TitanMedia is one studio never to rest on their laurels. Their harshest critics seem to be themselves: They have an answer to the “what’s next” quandary — and seem to have the answers — before anyone else can even ask. The intriguing stills for their upcoming opus “Cirque Noir” (a sequel of sorts to their deliciously sinister 2003 release Carny) features S&M rent-a-clown Ouchie The Clown, a contortionist named Stretch who fists himself while getting fucked and — get this — a scene with female-to-male phenom Buck Angel, who from the waist up looks like your average leather daddy, but “down there” has the fully functioning vagina he was born with.cirque_noir free gay pornThe implications are endlessly amusing and force us to ask fundamental questions about gender and sexuality as if we were in a Woman’s Studies Class in a liberal arts college in the nineties: Exactly how many male parts does a guy need to turn a gay man on? How will the generally vagina-phobic gay male audience react to a pussy even if it’s attached to a really hot butch daddy? If I’m turned on by all this, does it make me bisexual? Are lesbians going to buy this? If Brad Pitt had a pussy, would I want to fuck him (OK, that was Hunter‘s reaction). And so on …

Maybe I’m the wrong person to ask — I’ve had crushes on my share of Gendernauts — but I am genuinely excited to see this and laud Titan for taking a chance on something so seemingly obvious but inherently risky like this.

Cirque Noir 2005, Titan Media. Starring: Spencer Quest, Logan Steele, Joey Russo, Buck Angel, Tober Brandt, Rimjob the Klown, Ouchy the Clown, Cobalt, Richie Rennt, Ivan Grey, Stretch, David Garcia

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