Is Silver Fox Jake Marshall The King of The Bareback Tops?

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bareback porn star Jake marshallbareback porn star Jake marshallHave you ever wondered what happens after a couple of guys hook up on a profile site? Cream of the Top gives us a good idea. And in this DVD from Bareback RT, it’s daddy’s turn to have some fun. The video is playing on NakedSword and when I saw grey-haired bareback top man Jake Marshall was in this one, I jumped right on it.

Marshall may not be an “A-list” performer, but he damn well should be. And if you’re into hairy men — and older ones at that — you have probably seen him around the regular furry haunts. I always love watching him screwing another man because he’s so passionate about it. Young guys are cute and fun, but they’re rapid-fire pounding is exhausting. Marshall gives it to you nice and slow, he’s a fuck you’ll remember for a long time to come.

Another dependable bareback performer Anthony Marx — a big beefy boy — also makes an appearance: he’s tall and furry, and he joins Jake in the shower. Well, he really just opens the door and kisses Jake and gets him to turn off the water. After some necking, Anthony is down on his knees slurping daddy’s cock. Seeing his meaty ass arched in the air foreshadows things to come.

Jake does get behind Anthony on the floor. He beats his hard-on against Anthony’s pucker, then shoves his long bare cock inside. Holding onto the tub and getting screwing on the bathroom floor is hot, but I’m a bedroom kind of bottom, so I’m grateful when they move to the bed. Jake crawls on top of Anthony and the view of his wet fur curling into his ass crack gets me so horny. I almost froze the video and pounded one out right then and there.

Jake mounts Anthony and slides in, then he pushes the cub’s legs far over his head and Jake stands over him plunging into his hole. Anthony lovingly looks up at his daddy, he’s grateful for the attention his ass is getting. Anthony rolls onto his belly and Jake fucks him to the finish line. He starts grunting and blowing his wad inside, then his cock accidentally pops out and blasts sperm down Anthony’s nuts. Jake grabs his cock, stuffs it back in, and continues unloading, then he cuddles up beside his bottom to help him blow.

There are three more scenes on “Cream of the Crop” featuring Brett Bradley and Tyler Anderson, Bo Bangor and Rex Valentino, and Gunner Erickson and David Grassia. This last one is going to be my next viewing. I don’t know who is who, but a rough-looking daddy stuffing his thick cock into a very, very furry bottom is just what I’m going to need later to unwind from the long day I have ahead me. Do your cock a solid and watch “Cream of the Crop” at NakedSword.

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