Paul Downs, Abbi’s Boss on “Broad City”, Has A Great Ass, Should Do Gay Porn

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broad city paul  downs naked

Paul Downs is the actor who plays Abbi’s boss Trey on the show Broad City (which he also writes for). Since his character on the show is uber-douchebag personal trainer, I never realized how hot he was until the episode from a few weeks ago when Abbi accidentally stumbled across his blond-tipped, puka-shell-wearing mid-nineties porn alter-ego Kirk Steele, (an obvious homage to “Sebastian”, Simon Rex’s early gay jerk-off porn alter ego:

Paul downs broad city naked Paul t downs broad city naked

Paul t downs broad city nakedPaul t downs broad city naked

In addition to posting the above un-pixelated version of his ass to promote an upcoming UCB show, Paul likes to post pics of himself on the toilet (which are way cuter than it sounds) on his twitter and the ‘gram:

Broad City' Paul T Downs naked

This all sent me on a Paul Downs google rabbit hole: A few years ago, he a web series called “The Diary of Zac Efron” that seemed to be little more than another excuse to show off his body (which is quite nice):

Broad City' Paul T Downs naked

Broad City' Paul T Downs naked

He’s also fond of posting shirtless selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say, I’m obsessed. So, is Paul Downs gay? I feel inclined to say no: I think he just knows where his bread is buttered à la Paul Dinello from “Strangers With Candy”  (plus he seems to post a lot of pictures of his some kind of girlfriend-looking female person). But I promise i will continue to harass him on Twitter until he either falls in love with me, (or more likely just blocks me like Simon Rex did).

Anyway, Paul, if you’re down for some butt stuff, holla back, girl.

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