20 Questions with Bruce Beckham

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“I’ve learned that there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create explosive, hedonistic moments.
” ~Bruce Beckham

[From our brother publication, The Sword]

The Sword sat-down exclusively with the hot Bruce Beckham ahead of tomorrow’s release of his star-making vehicle from TitanMen entitled “Blueprint” with TitanMen exclusives Dallas Steele, Eric Nero, and Matthew Bosch.

We were eager to go beyond Bruce Beckham’s sexy surface. It’s obvious from his pictures; Bruce Beckham is one hot, hung, built, and handsome man. From his first porn crush and subsequent brief romance with Matthew Rush, to not losing his virginity until 18, to the video of the ‘Tale of His Dong’ you won’t see anywhere else, be prepared for Bruce Beckham to be your next porn crush.

The Sword: – Hi Bruce! We’re very excited to get to know you. First question: tell us something surprising.
Bruce Beckham: Thank you for the opportunity! As for surprising, I didn’t have my first sexual experience until I was 18. The first gay person I had exposure to growing up in rural Ohio was the brother of a girl who transferred to my private high school because she was being bullied for having a gay brother. I made friends with her immediately… I had an agenda :)

#2: What is the first porn you remember jacking to?

My first porn star crush was Matthew Rush. He’s the first, most lucid memory that pops to mind when trying to remember all the times I’ve j/o. We ended up dating briefly… mission accomplished

#3: What was your first porn shoot like?

Really smooth and fun. I shot my first scene years back with Robert Van Damme for Blue Blake. Blue was a friend of mine, and he basically would cherry pick hot “straight” guys who wanted to film and let me pick which one I wanted to work with. Lots of fond memories of Blue.

_blue_BruceBeckham_2204#4: Is the actual making of porn what you thought it would be like?

I have a few friends in the industry, so I already had an idea of the level of professionalism that can exist. Also, having worked in nightlife for a long time, I’ve learned that there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create explosive, hedonistic moments.

#5: Trimmed, shaved or natural

Trimmed. Just help what’s already good look better.

#6: Cut or uncut

Uncut, please.

#7: Coke or Pepsi


#8: Straight or curly

Is “curly” new slang for “gay?” Then I’m definitely curly.

#9: Solo, duo, trio or fourgy?


_IMG_5327#10: Are you a David Beckham fan? Is that where the second part of your stage name came from?

At the time I was considering a name, he kept popping up on all the “Sexiest Men in The World” lists, and the alliteration of “Bruce Beckham” makes it an easier name to remember.

#1i: How old were you when you realized you had a big dick?

LOL … Later than you’d think. I didn’t really experiment a lot with guys when I was younger, and basically had a string of a couple longer relationships until my late 20’s. It wasn’t until an ex pointed it out to me that I really recognized it. It gets mentioned pretty often lately, but it’s been getting some “exposure.”

#12: How sexually adventurous have you been and/or are you looking to explore that in your career?

Everyone’s definition of “adventurous” varies. Sexual adventure is often about more than just pleasure. Power, guilt, punishment, retribution, and greed all contribute to a variety of fetishes. I’m always interested in exploring new things and understanding why they appeal to me.

_blue_BruceBeckham_2374#13: What are your guilty indulgences as far the occasional junk food and junk TV?

A few weeks ago, I would have said ice cream, but I’ve cut out dairy recently, possibly long term, in the goal of feeling less bulky and just having more energy and clarity. 
I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I really liked Chelsea Handler’s 4 part doc series on Netflix, and “Jessica Jones” was some great tv too.

#14: Morning person or night person? 

Morning. 100%.

#15: Beer or liquor? 


#16: Young men, men or daddies? 


#17: Rim job or blowjob

In order … recipient and giver.

With Dallas Steele on the cover of "Blueprint"

With Dallas Steele on the cover of “Blueprint”

#18: Spit or Swallow? 

Are you asking ‘How’s my head?” 
Haven’t had any complaints. 

#19: What’s you biggest turn on? What makes you bite your lip
A big cock attached to a hot, confident guy. Nothing sexier. Period.

#20: What are the qualities that make your heart beat faster in a suitor?

A sense of adventure, patience with me, encouraging me to think differently, and investment in the moment. Too many guys are cavalier with the idea of courting or being courted because they’re afraid of rejection, so they revert to nonchalance because they think it makes them look stronger, more alpha. To the contrary …

One thing we know for sure, not all cocks are created equally. This is an exclusive BTS clip when the TitanMen production crew asked Bruce the tail of his impressive dong. I don’t think they heard what they were expecting, but clearly the impressive evidence, in addition to Bruce, speak for themselves.

You can watch the premiere of “Blueprint” from TitanMen starring Bruce Beckham, Dallas Steele, Eric Nero, and Matthew Bosch.

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