Today In Celeb Skin: Zac Efron’s Ass

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There was that awkward moment in That Awkward Moment when due to lack of clear toilet bowls …

zac efron butt pics

(Photo: Yahoo Movies)

… we only got to see the lascivious curvature of Zac Efron’s tush. I am calling it a tush because his Gramps is Jewish.

Advance to the 4:25 mark. Told ya. While a full frontal Zac Efron might be the things wet dreams are made of, his new movie, Dirty Grandpa, may show us a bit more of that fabled ass. Or does it?


zac efron butt pics

(Photo: mvchaeljames)

We already know inhumanly hot he looked on set.


zac efron butt pics

(Photo: PopGoesTheArts)

We know he wore flesh colored underwear too.

Though ETOnline burst our bubble when they exposed it was not Zac, but his stunt turned butt double, who wore the thong and flashed the bunz for the “naked” motorcycle ride.


zac efron butt pics

(Photo: BuzzFeed)

Then there is the Dirty Grandpa scene where a cracked out Zac (yes, I mean that literally), does the Macarena.

Our friends at OMG Blog grabbed a rear view ….
zac efron butt pics
But the question remains, whose butt is that. Zac’s or his double’s?

Even though the jury is still out …

At least Robert De Niro got to give the lad a lube job.

See you in the movies!

Zac Efron isn’t the only Hollywood hunk who looks even better naked than you had imagined … check out all of your favorites and see what they are packing
zac efron butt pics

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