Yusaf Mack’s Official WeHo ‘Coming Out’ Party Pics

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Former boxer, self-described “whore monger,” and father of ten Yusaf Mack must have felt like the rug was pulled under him when news of his hardcore gay three-way video made headlines. Initially, he tried to distance himself from it, claiming he was drugged at the time. Following some push back and legal saber-rattling from the production company, he then copped to being bisexual. By last Thursday, there was a new headline, “I’m Gay: I am tired of holding it in.”

And now, he’s certifiably a member of the club, having had his official coming out party this past Sunday night at Rage in West Hollywood. Billed as the “#1 Urban LGBT Event in West Hollywood and Los Angeles” Socialite Sundays is held at Rage and hosted by Brandon Anthony. Yusuf Mack was the co-host and guest of honor.



The Yusaf Mack “Coming Out” Party Official Club Flyer


yusuf mack coming out party

Mack with “Socialite Sundays” host Brandon Anthony


yusuf mack coming out party

The paparazzi was there to join in the festivities.


yusuf mack coming out party

Authenticity does a body good.

(h/t TMZ, HipHopWired

If you are struggling with coming out or know someone who is, there are excellent resources available:
[“Coming Out As You” from the Trevor Project]
[Coming Out Support from The LGBT Foundation]
[The Coming Out Resource Center from the Human Rights Campaign]

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