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I will always have a soft-spot in my heart for Max Schutler. He came into the Falcon office for an interview (before shooting any porn), and the casting guy was out, so I go to interview him (he’s incredibly sweet and soft-spoken) and take his pictures. It was his first porn interview, and although he was totally nervous, he was also totally polite and well mannered. I knew he’d become a big star, and he did.

xxx max schutler bareback

But then we didn’t hear from him. He never officially “announced” his retirement, but he worked for all the big studios and seemed like he was probably just ready to move on (check out two of my favorite of his movies — Roman’s Holiday and Rush and Release here)

xxx max schutler bareback

Anyway, this week he returns with a bang … in “Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party”, a bareback orgy from Lucas Entertainment, which also stars Alexander, Raul Korso, Joey Pele, Zander Craze, Max Toro, and Craig Daniel. It’s a hot scene and totally worth the price of admission alone. My only gripe is that there’s so much going on, it’s hard to focus on Max all the time (especially when everyone’s trying to grab a ride on Rocco Steele’s 10-inch cock).

xxx max schutler bareback


A scene with just Rocco Steele and Max Schutler? The idea alone makes me cry. Again, not that I’m complaining because until then, we have THIS:


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