WTF GayRoom – Twinko De Mayo?

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The title pun is so bad, even I wouldn’t have used it. The lousy judgement just escalates from there.

This isn’t about being politically correct on the solemnity of the day. Ciñco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday appropriated by the rest of the world as an excuse to get drunk. But what do a couple of white boys, some Party City costumes, and a bad faux-salsa music track have to do it? Nothing. Only no one told ManRoyale.

cinco de mayo gay porn
ManRoyale put a yarmulke on gentile Kyle Kash to celebrate Passover, so this shouldn’t really be a surprise. That was just lame. This, however, is ignorant. If they had Jackson Cooper and Austin Carter meeting up at a Ciñco de Mayo party then going home to fuck, bring it on.

cinco de mayo gay porn
But to have them fuck wearing sombreros and serapes? Repurposing Austin Carter’s ass to shake the maracas? I can’t even begin to tally the wrong here.

Maybe the Donald’s wall should be built in cyberspace so the people of Mexico don’t have to see this.

Jackson Cooper and Austin Carter both have nice dicks and nothing wrong with that cumshot. Until Austin puts back on the sombrero, leans in and says “¡Muchas gracias!” No. No thank you.

[Check it out for yourself at GayRoom/ManRoyale]

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