Woody Fox Gets Brandon Wilde Loaded

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For Woody and Brandon, watching was hot, but doing is hotter. Especially for Brandon whose tongue becomes a jizz rag. Twice.

In San Francisco, just sneezing costs $50.

Last week we learned why you can fuck at “The Ten Spot” for just a ten spot in The Castro.

There’s a hidden peephole where Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox watches every encounter.

Watching the guys have sex in “The Ten Spot” has quite a big affect on Woody.

woody fox brandon wilde ten spot cum eatingHe got quite an eyeful of Micky Jr getting reamed by Calvin Bank’s mega-cock. And Brandon Wilde was right there with him. Today, NakedSword Originals has Brandon getting more than an eyeful. He gets a mouthful.

woody fox brandon wilde ten spot cum eatingBy the time Micky and Calvin left “The Ten Spot”, Woody’s big dick had left his jeans.

woody fox brandon wilde ten spot cum eatingAnd Brandon couldn’t wait to worship Woody’s woody.

woody fox brandon wilde ten spot cum eatingOnce Woody got a taste of Brandon’s bubble butt, he promptly repurposed Brandon as his personal fuck-doll.

woody fox brandon wilde ten spot cum eatingWoody didn’t just fuck a load out of Brandon, he pounded him until Brandon shot in his own mouth. Then Woody gave him a second helping. That’s how they roll at “The Ten Spot”. Question is, who will be rolling in next? Watch this blog.

[Watch Brandon Wilde and Woody Fox in “The Ten Spot” scene two at NakedSword]


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