Why Is Men.com Whitewashing The Good Stuff?

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I surely have covered Damien Crosse and to a lesser extent, Dario Beck, enough so everyone out there in GayPornBlog Land knows I am fan of them both. So on Monday, I was excited to cover “Truck Stop Part 2,” their scene together for Men.com. Even better, the action that went down between two of my favorites did not disappoint. On the contrary. But I did notice something as I watched the scene and even more so when I made the featured animated .gif: it was washed out. However, have a “saturation” setting, will travel, so I did and moved on.

damien crosse facial
This was the featured image after some Photoshop fiddling.

This is the “before,” the original version.

At first I wrote it off … camera settings can get ticked accidentally during a photo shoot. I have done some of that accidental ticking myself. I also know not everything can be fixed in post-production. Still, hot men, hot scene. On with the hoe …

Then it happened again today … only more blatant. Once again, with Dario Beck being joined by another real gay superstar, Brent Everett.


Holy crap – I haven’t seen anything like this since Elizabeth Taylor’s last White Diamonds commercial.

It’s been awhile, I know. But there she was filmed through so much Vaseline-laden gauze over the lens you ended up not being able to distinguish her from Whoopie Goldberg.

While no one is as young as they used to be, Dario Beck, Damien Crosse, and Brent Everett are the last three men we don’t want to see c-l-e-a-r-l-y!

Then as I started going back through my archives, I began to realize something … yes indeed … I have seen this before.

Again with Damien Crosse, however this time with Gabriel Cross

The again with Gabriel Crosse when he was with Diego Lauzon
gay porn star Diego Luzon

And with Theo Ford and Tony Milan
free theo ford gay porn

But it was “Unexpected Passion” with Denis Vega and Letterio I first consciously noted it

Then I realized what they all had in common: European based models most likely shot by the same European production company. I have four words to say ….


Maybe they are going for something “artsy?” Whatever it is, it needs to stop. These were all scenes with hot men. And these were all hot scenes. Please stop diluting your product. No one wants to jack off to what looks like someone’s old, faded Super 8MM smut movies from when Lady Bird Johnson was still ringing the dinner bell at the White House.

Full penetration, full saturation every time if you please.

And now, back to our regularly filmed program!

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  1. Bruce McKinney December 4th, 2015 at 3:57 PM

    I’ve noticed this as well, and on other sites as well. Thanks for calling attention to it. Hopefully, they will rethink their policies.


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