[[UPDATED]] Which A-Lister Is Being Sued For Gifting Herpes?

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[[UPDATED]] December 4, 2015

All righty then – according to ClickOnDetriot,

A woman who filed a lawsuit claiming she was infected with genital herpes after repeated sexual encounters with a “celebrity” while he was living in Royal Oak this summer has dropped it.

According to BlindGossip “the woman dismissed the lawsuit without prejudice, which means it it could be returned to court.”

Hmmmmm, we’ll never know for sure, but is that the wafting odor of a Eau de Here’s Your Payday, Now Go Away And Shut Up Forever in the air … or is just my allergies?

Original Article – December 2, 2015

ben_affleck_zxc_1Well guys, the last blind item I picked up on was one of the first mentions of Charlie Sheen and eight million headlines later, we know that proved to be true. Today we move from a tinsel town terror to a true Hollywood A-lister with a big movie about to premiere.

A woman in Michigan has filed a lawsuit against an unnamed celebrity, claiming that he gave her genital herpes.

The lawsuit includes this sentence:

“This complaint is brought anonymously due to the social stigma attached to the damages as well as the celebrity of the defendant.”

“Jane Doe” is suing “Richard Roe,” a celebrity who resides in California, for a minimum of $75,000 in damages. The lawsuit alleges that the pair had sex on multiple occasions in July 2014 at the celebrity’s place in Royal Oak.

According to Jezebel, the internet sleuths are onto theory that seems to add up:

Michigan residents, Jezebel tipsters, and commenters on blind items are speculating that it could be Ben Affleck, since the actor was reportedly shooting Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in the area around that time and was rumored to be staying in a rental home in Royal Oak. There’s no indication, however, that the speculation is true or if it will ever be revealed who the celebrity is.

While the record of the rental home does indeed place Ben Affleck in the exact location named in the lawsuit, depending on your definition of A-Lister, it could have been fellow cast members Henry Cavill or Laurence Fishburne. However, considering that ordinarily Royal Oak, MI is not known as the Midwest getaway of the rich and famous, who it actually is may also depend heavily on Jane Doe’s definition of a celebrity.

A copy of the actual lawsuit between 'Jane Doe' and 'Richard Roe'

A copy of the actual lawsuit between ‘Jane Doe’ and ‘Richard Roe’

The Bullet points of the lawsuit:

•The plaintiff’s pseudonym is Jane Doe, and the defendant’s pseudonym is Richard Roe.
•The sexual encounters took place in July 2015.
•Jane Doe and Richard Roe had repeated sexual encounters during that time.
•Jane Doe contracted Herpes Simplex Virus II from Richard Roe during those encounters.
•The encounters took place at Richard Roe’s house in Royal Oak, Michigan. Royal Oak is a suburb of Detroit.
•Richard Roe is simply identified as a celebrity who lives in California who was residing in a house in Royal Oak at the time. Jane Doe is currently in New York.
•Jane Doe’s infection is permanent and irreversible.
Jane Doe is asking for a minimum of $75,000 in damages.

Perhaps this will remain on the low. Perhaps Jane Doe is only concerned for her health and not her fifteen minutes of viral fame since she has had enough viral incidents of late.

The lawsuit is not unprecedented. In 2001, Stevie Wonder was sued for $30 million for, among other things, allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend herpes, while more recently, Kris Humphries was sued by a paramour who alleged the same.

Interestingly enough, the SONY hack comes into play here. The stolen document dump reveled the studio gave a questionnaire specifically on oral herpes and that one “very well-known A-list actor,” which Radar says “triggered frantic emails between the studio, the insurance company, and his rep.”


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(h/t Blindgossip and Jezebel)

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