What Happens When You Have Fame & A Big Dick?

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Fame will get you laid. A big dick will get you laid. But what happens when you have both?

NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor is getting as famous for the notes he produces with his voice as the cum he shoots from his inked, uncut cock. Jack Hunter and his donkey dick have taken the gay porn world by storm. Who wins in this battle of egos and poles? We do. Unzip right now.

Mickey Taylor’s part in “Fame Game” as a rising singer was art imitating life. His single “Puppets” continues to climb the charts. Mickey’s very first scene for NakedSword Originals with fellow exclusive Bray Love from “Hooker Stories 3” garnered one of his Grabby nominations yesterday.

gay porn star mickey taylor

As for this second scene from “Fuck Me I’m Famous” today, Mickey needs to leave room in his trophy case. So does Jack Hunter. From Jack’s Men.com debut, his star potential loomed as big as his dick.

gay porn star mickey taylor
Despite that big dick, as we saw with Jimmy Durano for Hot House, Jack is usually on the receiving end. But today in “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” even the panorama of the Las Vegas strip was reduced to a backdrop by the toe-curling connection between Mickey and Jack. Mickey didn’t stop with just salivating over that cock.

gay porn star mickey taylor
I have seen Jack Hunter top once before because it was in the script. He does so today because he couldn’t resist Mickey’s hole. The chemistry between them turned each others’ bodies in sexual playgrounds for the wanna-be-rich and already famous.

gay porn star mickey taylor
Breathless and mid-pump, Jack whispers to Mickey, “I want you to fuck me now,” with a hunger Mickey was eager to satisfy.

gay porn star mickey taylor
Jack soon takes the hottest helicopter ride in Vegas. But as you’ll see in the trailer below, Mickey’s cum shot travels even farther.

[Watch Mickey Taylor and Jack Hunter in “Fuck Me I’m Famous” Scene Two from NakedSword Originals]


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  1. Adam March 21st, 2016 at 3:02 AM

    Not a fan of all those tats.


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